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4/8/13 8:22 P

Hi there,

Procrastination is an issue for me too. I usually try to workout after work.

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4/8/13 7:48 P

Is it possible for you to workout first thing in the morning? I have MUCH better luck sticking to my workouts if I just plan them for soon after I wake up. I drink a bottle of water first, go to the bathroom, followed by at LEAST a 10 or 15 minute workout, just to get me going. After that it is easy to do more!

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4/8/13 3:48 P

Unfortunately, there's not one user here that can make you get up and go to your training sessions.

This is all mental. Mind over matter. You don't want to work out, but probably one of the reasons you got a trainer was for accountability purposes.

Are you suffering in other parts of your life? I find when I'm depressed/feeling down, I'm less likely to want to work out.

Here's the thing: If you don't want to workout, you won't. If you tell yourself, "I'm going to workout because I deserve to lose those last 35lbs."

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

I also read this great article I think one of the SP coaches posted today titled "25 Ways to Get Motivated Today." Here's the link.

You can absolutely do it. The question is do you want to bad enough? Are you willing to dedicate your life to becoming more healthy and fit? You have to be positive or else your efforts will be shortlived. Good luck :)

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4/7/13 7:32 P


I am fifty. Like you, I had lost a significant amt & regained it. Looking back, I think it was because I didn't focus on how to properly eat (I had done Fen Phen one time and extreme low carb another). There was something inside of me that said it shouldn't be so hard. And I was right - it shouldn't. It shouldn't be crazy hard and shouldn't be gimmicky.

This journey is so individualized, but maybe entertain the nutritional aspects of it first while doing something simple like walking a/o jogging and doing some weights. You can join a gym or not, but weight bearing exercise is crucial for ladies our age. Luckily I had a lot of weight training in my teens &'s amazing what your body 'remembers.'

Worth it to note: I walked 2 miles a day even when I was heavy. I'm telling you this because until you get your nutrition right, the cardio isn't going to make the weight come off - you'll just get frustrated. Losing weight is 80% what you eat; the exercise keeps you fit. You can't out exercise a poor diet (believe me, I tried).

Peruse the nutrition boards...try new recipes...and entertain using the nutrition tracker. I don't use the tracker but I do log what I eat and try to stay fairly clean. But many members swear by it and if what I was doing didn't work, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

All I can say is even at my age now, doing it this right way was 1000 x's easier than when I was younger. Listen to the experts on Spark... eat tons of veggies and fruits and you'll be okay.

Good luck! I don't think you really want to eat JC food for ever, right? : )

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
4/7/13 5:51 A

I agree with Unident - it sounds like you are not enjoying the particular exercise that you are doing.

Why not try some different forms of exercise until you find some that are more enjoyable to you.

Some people like dance DVD's which seem more 'fun' than a workout. Others find walking in surroundings like a park or trail to be enjoyable. Making exercise into a game can also be fun.

Perhaps talk to your trainer for some ideas about how to make things more fun and enjoyable, while still getting quality exercise.


JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
4/6/13 11:12 P

Ideally you should be accountable to yourself and you won't put off your workouts. I feel like I'm at that point now, but I didn't start that way. The first time I lost weight, it was part of a Biggest Loser program at work where we worked together in teams. This time, it was my husband who pledged his support. Both times I started out having to be accountable to somebody, one whom I cared about. Do you have a close friend or family member who you can report to? Weekly weigh-in's, daily food diary check, etc? Obviously your personal trainer isn't doing it for you because you think nothing of canceling on him/her 30 min before.

That'll at least get you to a point. But at some point, you'll ultimately have to do this for you. Remind yourself that you're worth the investment.

4/6/13 10:33 P

A good friend of mine has lost nearly 80 pounds on WW. He lost it fast. He's always talking about points and meetings. When I ask him about his nutrition...the basics, the sort of nutrition he's taking in...he's absolutely clueless.

Programs like WW and Jenny Craig can help you lose weight, but don't seem to help much in the way of helping you learn how to live without them.

Take your desire to learn something new, and dive into the science behind nutrition. Learn the hows and whys of weight loss. The human body is amazing. We don't need tricks and gimmicks to get our bodies to be healthy. Start eating REAL food, not food packaged for you in a factory somewhere.

Also, your cardio doesn't have to be anything special. You don't need to meet with a trainer. I was watching Biggest Loser (something that I wouldn't normally do, but I was bored), and someone on the show said the best piece of exercise equipment you have is your own body. When they said that, I suddenly didn't feel so bad about watching that show! YOUR best piece of exercise equipment is your body. Go outside. Take a walk. Do sit ups. Do jumping jacks. Count it all on your fitness tracker here on SP. Watch your totals add up.

You're making this too difficult for yourself. Look at the SP plan. "Trust the process" as people around here say. You can do this!

50SGRANNY SparkPoints: (17,477)
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4/6/13 7:21 P

Wow, I can really relate! I've been on and off the program for years, and am now heavier than
ever! But I can say that I have found my way back on track again, and have been holding steady for nearly a month now - quite an accomplishment for me! I found new motivation when I challenged myself - first to work as hard as I can to try to get back into a dress that was new last summer, but that I've grown out of. My daughter was actually the one who told me I should just work really hard to get back down to that size, so I have her to be accountable to, which also helped.

But that was just the beginning. Once I figured out that it was the challenge that was lacking, I started creating all kinds of "mini goals" to keep myself motivated. Some of them only last an hour, as in the case of waiting an hour before I eat something I've been craving. Or sometimes they involve trying something new. But my favorite type of motivation, currently, is to track my streaks. I'm working on a 10 minute exercise challenge streak, and I can ALWAYS do 10 minutes of exercise. Even if I'm not feeling well, or if it's a rest and recovery day, or my day is insanely busy, I can still manage to find 10 minutes to exercise. It's not much, but I feel a sense of accomplishment for not breaking the streak! As a bonus, I usually do end up getting a little fired up during that 10 minutes of exercise, so I'll move right into something else, and before I know it I've completed 30 minutes or more!

TAISIAKAT Posts: 231
4/6/13 6:56 P

I found ways to exercise that I like - Yoga for starters, Dancing - I made several different style play lists for my IPod and do just 30 minutes of dancing around the house. Heck I'm 52 - its never too late - everyone keeps taking me.

Moving, that's the first thing, go for walks in beautiful parks - Rose gardens, anything to get you moving regularly.

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4/6/13 6:47 P

It doesn't sound like you enjoy your workouts. Texting your way out of them 30 minutes before is a clear sign that you don't want to do them.

What do you enjoy doing? Find something you like, and you'll look forward to doing that more often!

4/6/13 6:26 P

Hi!....I have been on a weight loss journey all of my 61 years. I was able to lose all of my weight (85 lbs.) when between the ages of 20-22. I kept that weight off by doing a combination of Weight Watcher's and cardio for almost 28 years. Everyone I knew said that I would be one of the very few people that always kept my weight off...Yeah, right......I went through menopause, had an extremely stressful job, where I traveled constantly, had a ill Mother and just stress in general and slowly, I gave up my good eating habits and exercise and gained 85 lbs back after 2 years.

I started on Jenny Craig 2 years ago and have lost 40 lbs..I have another 35 to go and I feel SO STUCK. I am tired of the JC food and I find it harder and harder every day to get up to do my exercise. I really need help with the motivation of getting up every morning and doing my exercise. I even have a personal trainer and now, I have taken to texting him about 30 minutes before my training..making up some excuse that I cannot train that day. I am sick of my behaviour, but somehow just feeling that way has not been enough of a push to get my off my tushie! Did anyone else have this same problem and have a way to win the war that I have in my head: stay in my comfy bed and go out and excise and remember how great I feel afterwards?

My concern is that I always look for something "new" that will re-motivate me to start getting back on a plan instead of playing around and not losing any weight...I just need some encouragement and need to hear success stories of women MY AGE!

Looking forward to reading all the posts and hopefully will be motivated to get the last 35 off!!!

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