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There are some really great articles in our motivation section that may help you stay on track with reaching your goals.

You are worth it - emoticon

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You may be psychologically unprepared for the outcome. I'm no expert, but I have taken some psych and one thing I do know is that people often fear change. As consciously as you want to be thin your mind might not be ready for the changes that you think thinness will bring. For example, no matter how thin you end up if you don't repair your body image during the journey your mind will manufacture pounds in the mirror. When you see results it may not be fast enough to motivate you. What ended up motivating me was things that had nothing to do with weight loss.

I suffered from a similar problem but then it hit me like a lightning bolt: what about motivating myself with stuff that has nothing to do with weight loss itself? For example, I exercise daily now because I am training to hike a mountain. I also created a "rewards system" based off my exercise minutes and days in a row I stuck to my goals, with nonfood rewards like games and hobby materials every 15, 30 and 60 days. I also went into my bank account and checked my grocery receipts and totalled up how much junk food costs versus making my much more healthy lifestyle change food. Very eye opening!

Another thing that really helped was my friendship that I forged with someone on here that posted in several of my forum posts. She and I live a state away and our goal is that when we reach our goal weights we'll meet up in a city midway between us and go shopping. She also wants to go camping with me in the Cascades next summer, so we're both training up for that hike. It's surprising how motivating it can be to message someone once a day and hear their commentary on your struggles and see their own as well. We found we have opposite issues (she likes exercise and has trouble with eating well and I love to cook and eat whole foods but it takes a crowbar to separate my butt from the couch) so trading tips helped as well.

Getting support from a loved one or significant other helps as well. On my off days my husband pushes me with gentle reminders and get-up-off-your-butt prods to work out and eat right, and it's a major thing. Basically you need to find a motivator beyond just the results. Find an outfit you want to fit into and buy it. Figure out a hobby you've always wanted to try but don't have the money to and budget for it with the money you save eating well. Make a treasure map of healthy habits and the nonfood rewards they will bring. Listen to the Spark radio, they have great tips. Find a friend on here who can help. Just get up and MOVE, once a day. You can do anything for one day, tell yourself that. Make one healthy meal today. One is better than none. See if you can do two, even all three. Stock your cabinets with healthy stuff and limit yourself to one shopping trip off of a list per week.

Another thing that REALLY helped was going to a thrift store and buying a bunch of random healthy cookbooks. Each week we go through them and pick a few recipes, write them on a list with page numbers, and write a list of their ingredients. Make a little recipe guide for the front for which ones you cooked and what you thought, start cycling the ones you like with new ones. It's a great way to build a healthy kitchen. The cooking light annuals are a great place to start. So are taste of homes Light N' tasty serious and 300 under 300 from betty crocker.

I know that was a wall of text but I really hope it helps. My tracker got reset recently, I've lost 120 lbs and counting using these tips. Hope it helps. Spark on!

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Diet and exercise have always been difficult for me, because I don't stick to anything very long. I have tons of unfinished projects. I always have some stupid excuse or end up in pain. But the few times I really did stick to exercising, I saw results, and I don't know why ... here's the thing. Every time I start to see results, I quit. Don't know why. Get scared? Maybe. If anyone else has come up with this same problem, I would be interested in hearing from you.

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