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11/23/11 8:58 A

We all make mistakes and if he makes you happy then you will find a way to get through this. It's great you found your motivation again, but make sure you are dong this for you and not to keep his attention. Keep your head up and don't let this consume you,. Stay strong and focused on your goal. You are worth it!

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11/23/11 8:51 A

he needs to be happy he has a forgiving woman who is strong and doing something with herself not the other way around. he needs to be happy you're taking him back.

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11/23/11 8:33 A

Thank You so much. I'm hoping that in time I can forgive him. I love him so much and I know our boys adore him. So I'm hoping that if I can start to make myself happy that he will see it and appreciate me again.

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11/23/11 8:27 A

i'm sorry you're going through this i was in a situation were my fiance of 6yr was send naked pics and saying he was single on adult sites. i'm a kind person but dont try me. we have kids together and yrs. i beieive in forgiving once if he slept with another person. but it still hurts and you feel your love is violated. i'm proud of you for going to school and not letting him affect you and good luck with the weight loss. you have a beautiful smile keep smiling

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11/22/11 2:14 P

So I'm over weight have been pretty much all my life. When I married my husband 8 yrs ago I was 200 lbs heavier. We were happy I made some life style changes and was able to lose 200 lbs in 6 yrs. For the last couple of years I've been trying to find some motivation to continue losing weight. I found out last week that my husband has been sexting and sexually facebook chating with this girl that he knew from highschool. She has his cell # and he has hers. I've confronted him about it and he says he didn't do it but I received a forwarded full chat conversation from this girl. He has since blocked her from his facebook account and yahoo but still has her phone number. How do I make our marriage work again and be able to trust him? At least the best thing out of the whole situation was that I found my motivation to lose weight and go back to college to get my degree.

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