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KWHITE1022 Posts: 321
6/10/10 8:57 A

Be very mindful of your back. I learned the hard way...thought I just had scaitica pain, but it never subsided. I finally went and had an MRI after 3 months of sufferring, and was told I had to have back surgery or Id have permanate nerve damage. I did and now a year later, it was the best thing I ever did. I kick myself for not going to the doctor sooner, and self diagnosing. So just be aware, Id hate for you to suffer needlessly. Hopefully it is something that will get better without drastic measures.

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6/9/10 11:37 P

This is a great link for several exercises for back pain. It is most for lower back but can help with stretching the whole back.

You will have to take a break from running and weights until you figure out what is going on however my physical therapist had me running after about 6-8 weeks of physical therapy. He said it was great for the back as long as you have proper form and as long as your injury is on the mend. I had a bulging disk that fortunately only required physical therapy, not surgery. I think that the elliptical is a great idea, although maybe not the one using your arms if your upper back is part of the problem.

I urge you to go to your doctor if it keeps bothering you! Because I was quite young my injury didn't get diagnosed for 6 weeks and by then I could not walk more than a block without a lot of pain and sciatica. By that point I had lost 60% of my hip flexibility and mobility and that took a long while to regain. Good luck and I hope it will get better soon!

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6/9/10 1:24 P

I go to a class but I have a dvd at home that is suppose to be terrific. I can't remember name..I'll get back to you.
I still do pretty heavy weights, spin elliptical and stationary bike. It's just the running.

Ice helps. I'm on my feet all day and there are days when I notice it a lot more. Definitely not as bad as it once was.

Good luck.

HAPPYGIRL1033 Posts: 316
6/9/10 12:46 P

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your feedback.

Archimedes: walking I am able to do. In the morning, I seem to be ok; by the afternoon...i’m pretty stiff. I’m going to have to take my workouts down a notch and do some walking. I’m used to running and lifting heavy weights, but if I want to keep working out at all, I’ll have to do some walking and lower impact stuff.

Erin: not yet being treated for the pain. It just started Monday night. The sciatica was awful, but that’s subsided to a twinge. It’s the mid and upper back pain that‘s more present. I will definitely go see a chiro if this keeps up.

Melinda: I’m trying to figure out how I got this injury. That morning, I did the 30 Day Shred dvd; not blaming Jillian; I think I overdid it and tried to keep up with the more advanced person. OR, it could have happened after carrying my 60 lb daughter! Yes, I’d love more info on the exercises you do to deal with your back pain. Thank you!

Determined: with your yoga practice, do you go to a class or do you do a DVD? If a dvd, what’s it called? I have a few yoga dvds but I’m kind of tired of them. No running, huh? I hope it doesn’t come to that for me. I would really miss it. What about elliptical trainer?

Thanks again, everyone.

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6/9/10 11:34 A

I developed this about a year ago. Bothn chiro and regular doctor said keep doing what I am doing BUT no more running,don't go too high on weights with free weights and stretch before and after.
Yoga has helped immensely. And for sure you don't have to sweat a lot to reap benefits.

It still bothers me off and on but I refuse to let it totally affect workouts and it hasn't. Funny thing is that it never bothers me WHILE I am working out. emoticon

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6/9/10 10:26 A

Is the pain a result of a back injury? Have you been to the doctor for it? I've had a back injury and I struggle with time to time with problems even though it has been 10 years since the actual injury.

However, there are several exercises and stretches that I do that really help when my back is stiff. They work and stretch out the lower back and hips. If you doctor has told you that you will always have it then look at pain management classes otherwise figure out what is going on and fix it!

Let me know if you want any more info about the exercises.

Two great exercises are walking and water aerobics.

ERINLINDSAY83 Posts: 14,347
6/9/10 9:51 A

...Are you being treated for the pain? Or are you just trying to deal with it? Chiropractors can do wonders for back pain and sciatica!

Although like the PP said, as long as you are being mindful of your diet, you should gain anything back.

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6/9/10 9:05 A

Sweating is not an indication that you're getting a good workout. Some people sweat. Some people don't. It depends on their metabolism.

Your sciatica will never go away. So, you're going to have to be careful with what you do for activity. My yoga instructor has sciatica and so do several of my classmates. They all say the same thing i.e. that yoga has helped them to manage the pain.

Can you walk without any discomfort ? If you can walk without discomfort, take a walk. Walking is excellent cardiovascular exercise. There are several members who will tell you how they lost 100+ pound just by walking and watching what they ate.

Ultimately, if you are trying to lose weight, you need to be mindful of what you eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

Have you discussed your back problems with your doctor ? There's not a whole lot they can do for sciatica short of giving you shots of cortizone. However, physical therapy can help with the stiffness in your back. So, that's something you might want to discuss with the.

HAPPYGIRL1033 Posts: 316
6/9/10 8:52 A


I've been having bad stiffness in my back, pain if I make sudden moves, and sciatic pain (not debilitating, just twinges).

I don't want this to sideline my 5 day a week workout habit. I'm so afraid I'll stop working out or gain back the weight I've lost.

Has anyone else had to work through this kind of challenge? What did you do?

I did yoga the other morning but...I want to sweat!!

Thanks in advance for ideas!

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