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3/22/11 1:17 P

In case you're still struggling with this, I just started drinking green tea cold over ice as suggested by some abs guy online, and it has totally made me not want diet coke anymore. I was a diet coke junkie. I mean, I drank at least 6 cans a day, if not more. Now this is brand new for me, so I don't know if it is going to work, but Diet Coke just tastes dirty to me now. I've never been a tea drinker at all! But green tea, or sometimes oolong tea, is doing the trick for me and tastes really clean. And the Diet Coke craving is gone. It sounds bizarre and really I can't believe it myself. But I'd totally recommend you give it a try and see if it works for you. It is something I didn't expect and am so glad it did work for me! emoticon

JOJOBEE318 SparkPoints: (167,703)
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12/23/10 5:28 P

I was a heavy Pepsi drinker, but I knew that with just cutting out that I'd drastically lower my calorie intake.

I had tried to cut out pop before, but always ended up drinking the same amount, if not more.

I saw on Dr. Oz the 28 Day Challenge. It was 4 steps to wean yourself off of the sugar and caffeine. It didn't take me that long, but the caffeine withdrawal was brutal.

Now I drink mostly water, with an occasional tea and "fizzy water." When I do get the craving, I allow my self a caffeine free, diet Pepsi.

For me, the taste of diet isn't that bad any more; especially since I don't have it too often.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
11/17/10 1:46 P

One thing I might suggest albeit a little less aggressive than some ideas. Mountain Dew has far more caffeine in it than say a Pepsi or Coke. I would switch to one of those drinks until you are used to having less caffeine and then gradually reduce those until you can quit altogether. I wouldn't suggest going cold turkey because I know from experience that caffeine withdrawal is awful.

Or if you don't want to switch to Pepsi or Coke, then try drinking LESS Mt Dew at a sitting. Instead of a 20 oz bottle drink a 12 oz can. Then reduce that to 6oz from a 2-liter bottle and then further reduce from there.

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11/17/10 12:26 P

I recommend seltzer as well. I'm the same way, I love regular soda but I don't find that diet soda fills the void.

Seltzer does, however, even though it's not sweet. I usually get lime or lemon and it's just as satisfying as drinking non-diet soda for me.

BECKY425 Posts: 259
11/16/10 8:33 P

I am a moutain dew drinker too, and I really dislike diet, so that was not an option for me. I did try tricking myself and saying that if I wanted a mountain dew, then I had to get a diet one. This did not work. I told myself then that I have to drink 8 cups of water before I can even think about a soda. I am on day 2 without any soda. It has been very hard with temptation all around. Maybe try reducing how much you drink by half and continue to reduce.

MARIA11X Posts: 535
11/16/10 4:43 P

I quit soda on Oct 1st when I joined Spark. I can't drink diet soda since I can't have artificial sweeteners. I do not seem to crave it or miss it. Now I drink water or unsweetened tea (hot or iced). Sometimes I put lemon in my water. Sometimes in the mornings, I will sip on hot water with lemon before I have my coffee.

Yes, I still drink coffee (with cream & sugar) can't have it black--BLECH! Not ready to give it up. But I cut back from maybe like 6 a day to like 2 in the mornings...maybe 2 more in the afternoons, but not often.

I mainly stopped soda because since my daily calorie range is now 1200-1550, I need to make all of my calories "count" toward making sure I get all of my nutrition. And since there is nothing nutritious in soda, it had to go.

I can only use "real" sugar, and with having to limit that, there is too much sugar in soda to have it anymore.

KLSIMPSON70 SparkPoints: (23,458)
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11/16/10 4:11 P

I quit cold turkey. I found that if I had one soda (Diet Dr. Pepper was my vice), I wanted more, so I had to cut them out completely. When I felt cravings, I would focus on how unhealthy the sodas were. Whether it's diet or regular, they're full of chemicals! There isn't a natural ingredient on the list :( I replaced the sodas with tea (hot or cold, and unsweetened), water, and flavored seltzer waters. You CAN do this!

11/16/10 2:17 P

It wasn't hard for me to cut it out & I can get soda for free at work.

I put up a sign on my desk that reads: Why?

Why would I continue to keep habits that are not part of my goal. I also have a my monthly weight loss goal HUGE. I have caved in 2 times in the past 2 months bc I forgot to bring my lunch & thought, "Oh well, time for some root beer!" But it was weird, I do not miss it. It was just a habit I had since I've been drinking soda for so long.

SASSYDOG6 Posts: 475
11/16/10 1:57 P

I did it cold turkey. I motivated myself by thinking of the money I'd save. Headaches for a while but I got over them. Now a soda sounds unappealing.

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TABU077 Posts: 636
11/16/10 1:42 P

I went cold turkey. It was a rough couple weeks, but after that I never looked back :-) It's not even an issue anymore!

KARA623 Posts: 727
11/16/10 11:43 A

Mountain Dew used to be my favorite, too. And I didn't like diet drinks. I still refuse to drink diet drinks. I don't do artificial sweeteners. For me, soda was the easiest thing to give up because I didn't want to use to calories for a drink - unless it's coffee. What worked for me with all of my cravings is cutting it back to a treat. If you can, plan to use some of your calories for a Mtn Dew on occasion instead of every day. I choose Saturdays for my coffee treats. I get one after I work out at the gym and drink it slowly. when I crave something like that, I find that I can put it out of my head by reminding myself that I can have it on Saturday. I don't personally recommend switching to diet drinks. I believe that stuff is poison, but there is also tons of research that tend to support that they actually hinder weight loss.

HEALTHYJ29 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/16/10 11:37 A

I used to drink diet dew and an extreme amount. At first I switched to another flavor I liked less and caffeine free. Then I brought down the amount I had. Then I cut it out all together and just drink water and cup of coffee in the morning. I still get a craving and once an awhile will have 1 soda but I make myself just drink water which I am still not a fan of. Some people can quit cold turkey and others it is better to gradually lower. Good luck

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
11/16/10 9:54 A

I switched to diet drinks many years ago. It was a long slow process. What I did was buy 2 2-liter bottles of soda. 1 diet and 1 regular. Then when I made my glass I would mix the two and over time adding more diet and less regular until I could drink totally diet. It tooks a week or two to accomplish this. I still drink too many sodas but at least now they aren't adding any calories. I prefer the drinks with splenda but unfortunately not many diet drinks use splenda.

JEVKITTY SparkPoints: (7)
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11/16/10 9:44 A

soda is a poison and I don't have any problem NOT drinking it. not to sound sanctimonious, b/c I have my own demons w/food, but we aren't addressing that right now:) liquid is not processed in your body the same as food, so your body doesn't know how to react to the sugar inundating your body when you drink soda and your insulin and brain chemistry do not process the consumption of a large amt. of sugar and it usually enters your system quickly.

A way to combat this and get what you crave: spike seltzer water w/juice. the seltzers come in diff. flavors, no sugar no artificial flavors (read the labels there are many "waters" out there that are really soda) and pick a fav. 100% juice. We call it bubbly juice in our house.

11/16/10 9:40 A

It's hard, but if you stop drinking it, the cravings will eventually go away. I gave up diet soda a few months ago. That was tough!!! I never even think about it anymore, though.

RENESEY Posts: 371
11/16/10 9:39 A

I loved coffee and drank 8-10 cups a day...way too much. I tried to drink less but decided to quit cold turkey 15 years ago and I can't tell you how much better I look and feel. I know we'd all like to think we can 'cut back' but I think sometimes it best just to 'cut out'.

Good luck!

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
11/16/10 9:32 A

I second the "cut back" recommendation. One thing that helped me was to stop drinking the individual (20 oz) bottles and drink cans instead. Cans help you stick to the serving size of 12 oz (and only 150 calories) which is a rational amount of "treat" calories for a day. And a 12 oz can has about 25-35 mg of caffeine which should keep the withdrawl headaches away.

ZANNACHAN Posts: 13,546
11/16/10 9:25 A

This is definitely something I struggle with. I don't like the taste of water and I hate diet beverages--but while I love my Mt. Dew, I know it isn't good for me.

For now, I've tried to focus on cutting back on pop rather than cut it entirely. For one thing, I'm addicted to the caffeine and now is not a good time for me to deal with caffeine withdrawal, and pop is my best source of caffeine (I can't drink coffee and tea helps but isn't enough by itself). Also, if I still can have the occasional pop, I don't feel like I'm depriving myself so much.

Second, sometimes it helps to drink carbonated water, perhaps flavored with a splash of pomegranate juice. It has the fizz that I crave in soft drinks, and the pomegranate tastes great without adding a lot of sugar (as long as you don't use very much--but it doesn't really take that much). It helps.

As for water, I haven't reached the point where I like water. It helps that I have a Brita filter so at least the water tastes better, and sometimes I add lemon to my water.

BRANDI8704 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/16/10 9:00 A

I absolutely love mountain dew. And I cannot stand diet soda. And I cannot stand water. I need to let it go though... but the cravings always win. :-(

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