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12/2/13 9:03 P

Until he wants to, he may not. My suggestion would be pray for him and speak to his doctor about your concerns. There could be other issues surrounding the weight gain! I would never announce that "you eat what I prepare". I would mix the Vit D milk with skim milk and make small changes. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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It is never very easy to motivate someone to exercise. The need to exercise needs to come from within the person. Unless your husband feels like it is important to exercise, he won’t do it. Even if he does because you are asking him to, it won’t last long until it comes from his heart.

It is obvious that you mean well and want him to have a healthy lifestyle. But consider all the things that are not so motivating right now…
1. You just moved to a new place
2. Time of the year right now which is not conducive to outside exercises
3. No gym nearby
4. Odd work hours

Now look at the positives…
1. He does not object to a clean diet – Weight loss is more to do with diet than exercise
2. He enjoyed soccer/football before – he is athletic – likes team sports
3. He goes hiking atleast in summer – he likes outdoors

So what can you do?
1. Obviously, follow a clean diet
2. Since he seems to be the athletic kind, work out dvds/mats may not be the answer. How about getting a Wii? which is more sport like movements?
3. If you can’t buy a Wii, how about more robust videos like Insanity/Turbo fire/Body Combat type videos which might appeal to the guys?
4. If he enjoys team sports and weather is bad and no gym, is there a community center nearby? They have indoor basketball classes – 8 sessions at a time. That would only be once a week – but just getting out there, playing for a day each week may motivate him to do more on other days.
5. Also, community centers have Yoga and other aerobic classes. Since you both are stressed, Yoga classes might just do the trick.
6. Is there an indoor swimming pool nearby? Swimming on some days would be a great exercise.
7. Since he likes hiking but weather prohibits it right now, how about going Mall – walking in the meantime until it is summer again. I have heard that there are several mall walkers. You might find some in your area.
8. There are kickboxing/Boxing/martial arts classes which are indoors and if you have any classes near you that can be a great exercise.

Don’t despair. There are many options out there. Talk to him that you worry about his weight gain so that you are not nagging. And also, if this weight gain seems too sudden and his health is really bothering you, you might even want to get it checked out by the doctor.

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12/2/13 6:38 P


Since at least 80% of weight management is about nutrition and you have stated " will eat whatever I make" it seems that if you adjust portions and go for the healthiest foods your husband can lose those extra 35 pounds and he will feel more like exercising.

Best of success to both of you!! emoticon

12/2/13 6:07 P

I am 100% not saying I want to change him, but with a recent move across seas he's gained about 35 extra pounds and we cannot locate a gym that is worthwhile. He is awesome and will eat whatever I make, even green smoothies, so we do have a clean diet. He says he wants a gym membership, but the only one available is about a 45 minute journey away, which is expensive and time consuming. He works odd hours due to his job, so its been stressful even keeping ourselves on some sort of routine if he is getting up at 3am or getting home at 3am. He will not do workout dvds or anything in home, I've bought different weights and mats for us, but it was a no go.

I'm tearing my hair out because its starting to really bother him and his health and I know the active guy he is underneath it all. Before the move he was part of a soccer team for fun and had a football league with his friends, now he just doesn't seem to be interested. In the summer months we go hiking a lot, but this time of the year everything feels so shut in. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm just worried and want him to feel better, but don't want to hurt his feelings or feel like I'm nagging.

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