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SUZIEAJ Posts: 231
1/14/13 2:43 P

Thanks Becky! I actually eat the Luna Bars because I read on a Sparkpeople article that they're very good for you. Since I am unsure of a multivitamin right now, I use the Luna bars to help out. I may look over my other meals though. Thanks! emoticon

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1/14/13 2:11 P

I think if you look at your nutrition tracker at some of the high calorie foods with few nutritional benefits---cutting back on these allows more room for those necessary fruits and veggies:
510 calorie in mac and cheese daily
luna bars/brownies
210 calories in syrup

SP Dietitian Becky

SUZIEAJ Posts: 231
1/14/13 1:57 P

I've actually been on Sparkpeople since 2010, so I watch what I eat pretty regularly, I guess I just never really tried to incorporate more fruit and veggies. Sometimes I try, but I'm afraid of going over my calorie range like today.

I want to eat more healthy, but everything else seems to kind of take over my calorie range.

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1/14/13 1:52 P

I really think that the protein and fruit should be changed around, but overall it doesn't look too bad. Keep in mind that it's based on servings of foods which may be smaller or larger than you think.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/14/13 1:40 P

How much is the pile? How many calories, and how much exercise do you do?

Without these parameters, no one can tell if you think 1200 calories is too high, or if it is 2000, and you run 5K every day, making that quantity necessary.

I will say that the calories that you can consume and lose weight on is a lot more than you think. We often have a number like 1500 calories that we think is ideal, but never counted the 3 restaurant meals, extra snacks, or the late night Taco Bell run. We counted calories on the days we did good. So if you are gaining a lb a day on 3000 calories in reality, after adding in the extra calories, then a drop of 500 will move you to maintenance, and 500 more (2000 calories ), will help you lose 1 lb a week.

Healthier food will have a greater volume per calorie, so it may take a few days to get used to eating that, but unless you have some specific reason that you think the info is correct, SP is usually spot on.

Give more info, and maybe someone will be at same weight, height, exercise pattern, and be able to say "yes, I am losing at that level", or "wow, you are way high".

SPICEMWE SparkPoints: (30,671)
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1/14/13 1:33 P

I don't get that e-mail. Could you give an example?

SUZIEAJ Posts: 231
1/14/13 1:20 P

I just finished reading the Sparkdiet Healthy Diet #2 I got in my email, and I was looking through the servings of everything that you need in a week, can someone tell me how in the world is one to do that? I mean, I'm no expert, and I already have so much to buy when I buy groceries, I'm afraid to add more to the pile.

Maybe I'm not doing it right?

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