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7/24/13 1:50 P

How many liquor , beer bottles do you see with the calories on them?? Not many, because they have a lot!!! To me there is No healthy bar drinks. Except seltzer water, or plain water.. Good Luck.

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7/24/13 1:25 A

Here is the diet I tried to follow:

A = no Alcohol
B = no Booze/Beer
C = no Cocktails
D = no Drinks
E = no Empty Calories
F = no Fizzy beverages
G = no Good comes of drinking
H = no Have to as in "I have to have a drink"
I = I can do this - go out, have a good time & not blow my calories on alcohol
You get the idea.

I'm not a drunk or an alcoholic but I do like to imbibe on occasion with hubby & friends.
Just decided that it wasn't worth it but still want to have something now & the. So I had to find other options. Here are some to consider - and I often order something I'm not that crazy about flavor wise so I don't drink it as fast, or want to order another..

Lite beer - okay but not great.
Bloody Mary - vodka & tomato juice
Salty Dog - vodka & grapefruit juice (I usually skip the salt on the rim of the glass)
Gin & OJ - also good and better when cut with tonic water
Whiskey or scotch with soda water
Wine spritzer - wine with soda water, slice of orange
Rum & diet coke with a lime - Cuba Libre
Mimosa - Champagne & OJ (at a brunch or shower)
Cape Cod - Vodka & cranberry juice
Hard apple cider

If you are out at a party and can bring your own drinks, I like to bring diet ginger ale. Looks like beer or a mixed cocktail, lots of flavor - almost no calories. I recommend Vernor's if you can find it.

Cheers! emoticon

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,134
7/23/13 8:21 P

vodka soda with a splash of OJ (extra extra tall) is my current drink of choice if at a bar. I also try to drink a HUGE glass of water or two for every mixed drink I get. and I second the dancing to help burn off any extra calories.

that said, I find that alcohol of any sort changes my metabolism, at least temporarily. so even if I stay in my calorie range for the day including any food and drink at the bar, I will NOT lose if I drink. so I try very hard to limit it to a couple of drinks once a week.

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7/23/13 4:54 P

When I go to bars, it is generally to dance. I don't usually drink at all. When I do, I will have a big glass of water, then ONE drink, more water, and then dance enough to shake it all off!

So, I guess that my advice is to take up dancing. :)

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/23/13 3:05 P

I usually limit myself to 1-2 drinks. I've tried light beer and was unimpressed and I really don't like pop all that much, even in a mixed drink. I've discovered that I like Caesars (clamato juice and vodka with seasoning) and they're relatively low cal.

As for food, I just wouldn't :) It's rare to find a bar that makes a good low calorie option.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
7/23/13 12:18 P

Be the designated driver or PASS. Then you're not only staying healthy yourself, you're helping others stay safe. Most bars treat a designated driver like royalty with all sorts of free non-alcoholic treats, so you'll still have a glass in your hand at all times. If your enjoyment of the bar is dependent on drinking alcohol, you might want to find a different type of social activity.

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7/23/13 11:57 A

If you're a craft beer drinker, I find that ordering something very dark, such as a stout or porter, helps me to drink slower than a lighter, less flavorful beer (Which I can down like water if I'm not careful). Those beers are slightly higher in calories, but I end up drinking less of them, so it's less calories and less money overall.

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7/23/13 5:29 A

My advice would be to ensure you alternate alcoholic beverages with a glass of water. And don't touch the bar snacks!!!! Also, if you are drinking spirits, mix them with club soda rather than a flavoured soda (nobody needs the sugar / artificial sweetners and other rubbish they contain!!!)

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
7/23/13 12:19 A

Honestly, I don't think you maintain a healthy lifestyle at a bar. If it is an occasional outing, don't overdo it and have a designated driver. If it happens more often, it is time to re-evaluate your concept of a healthy lifestyle.

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7/22/13 11:19 P

They have also started to make low calorie wines. I've seen a couple different ones at the grocery store. They are 80-100 calories/serving. Still have to be careful/moderate, but it's a little bit friendlier.

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7/22/13 11:07 P

Also I always try to prepare something before I go out to have when I get back so I don't call up the nearest late-night pizza place, or have the cab drive up to the Wendy's window.

Some sort of leftovers or a sandwich usually work. If I'm feeling really ambitious (for 2am) I'll take an english muffin out to thaw and make a mini pizza when I get in. Something small and simple like that. :)

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7/22/13 11:01 P

I know this isn't for everyone, but I usually do plain vodka with soda water and a few limes. That way, it's just the calories of the alcohol, and you don't have to worry about artificial sweeteners and such.

I never buy light beers, so the better beers I do buy for home I save for a night I know I'm just going to have one or two, tops. Same goes for margaritas and some of the other high calorie/sugar mixed drinks.

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7/22/13 8:40 P

That is a great point Becky!
You are definitely right about the not so good food choices once I do start drinking.
I'll go ahead and try those lighter drinks. That makes total sense.

Thank you for the advice! P

7/22/13 8:31 P

How do you feel about those lite 60 calorie beers?
You could do a diet soda pop+ alcohol.
You could do just a diet drink.
It still comes down to how many, how often.
As you can see, alcohol and weight loss are not "friends".
Plus the alcohol usually leads to "not so good food choices" too.

It may be best to not indulge and just go out and have fun with friends.

SP Registered Dietitian

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7/22/13 7:57 P

Hi there! I have been noticing a very obvious trend in my calorie and carb intake in the past few weeks: the beers, mixed drinks, and wine is pushing me well over my calorie threshold. All those darn empty calories! I am not a person that generally counts all the calories I consume, however I do understand that I need to be mindful about what I eat and drink in order to successfully lose weight in a healthy way.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can become healthier at a bar??? How can I enjoy my beers, mixed drinks, and wine calmly? What do you do at the bar to ensure you are being healthy and maintaining your healthy lifestyle?

Thanks ya'll! P

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