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1/10/14 10:50 A

Eating out of the original bag is usually a very bad idea. (at least for me)

Measure out several, one portion servings and put them into small sandwich bags. Write the calories on the bag. That will really help keep you accountable. As you reach for another bag, there's no guessing about how it will impact your weight loss efforts.

1/9/14 5:21 P

Thanks everyone. Sounds like I just need to give myself a portion of some sort, instead of mindlessly eating out of the bag all night long!

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1/9/14 4:25 P

They are good for you, but the packaged kind do have a lot of salt. They are full of nutrients and fiber. As long as you watch portion size, they should be fine.

I grew my own sunflowers last year, so I need to find some good ways to use them. I've been meaning to try sprouting them for salads, but I haven't tried it yet.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,314
1/9/14 10:13 A

They are Healthy! Eating them in moderation is the key as they do have calories. If they fit into your calorie range that's perfect as..........

The vitamin E present in sunflower seeds plays a key role in preventing cardiovascular diseases and contain magnesium, which is known to lower high blood pressure and reduce the severity of asthma and can also reduce diabetic complications. These seeds contain high amounts of tryptophan, which helps in the higher secretion of serotonin. Serotonin is highly effective in easing tensions and relaxing and the seeds are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,380
1/9/14 8:51 A

i would suggest portioning them out - there's no reason you can't include them as part of your daily plan. if you preportion into individual bags yourself it'll help you limit your portion :) you can dry roast them yourself if you'd like.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
1/9/14 8:20 A

a serving of nuts or seeds is an ounce, or about 1/4 of a cup. that's for shelled and sunflower seeds probably run a scant 1/4 cup because they are so small. if you're eating them in the shell, the portion size is a bit larger, but not much. a serving will have about 200 cals.
if you're getting the roasted, salted or flavored kind, get the plain instead. the roasting is just adding extra oil [ie fat and calories].
one thing i love to do with sunflower seeds is to mix them with air popped popcorn. it's a light snacky mix and since 5 cups of air popped popcorn has about 150 cals i can have a half ounce of seeds with that and have a lot of snacking for 250 cals.

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1/9/14 8:03 A

Raw sunflower seeds contain a lot of nutrients and are very calorie dense. I frequently recommend them to people trying to gain weight because they provide a lot of calories in a small amount of stomach space.

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1/9/14 4:41 A

They are high in calories (one cup is close to 800 calories!). And high in phosphorus, copper, manganese and selenium.

So, not bad at all when eaten in moderation, but not healthy if you eat too many of them.

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1/9/14 4:01 A

They are healthy, BUT you NEED to watch your portions. I would think the way you are eating them you might be eating a football team's ration.

Why not stretch them out by adding unsalted natural popcorn. If you gradually reduce them, and gradually increase a lighter calorie option, you may find that you kick that habit. Otherwise you will find it very had to lose any weight.


1/9/14 1:45 A

This is going to be an even harder addiction to kick than my one to Mt. Dew!! I eat sunflower seeds every time I sit down to watch tv. After I finish meals, that's my desert! In the summer its worse, because i have them at every ball game, camping trip, ect.

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