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MLEHTO Posts: 734
12/22/13 10:27 P

It's just the hubby and me for Christmas this year and going to be somewhere we don't have a full working kitchen dinner will be whatever we can put together on the barbecue. Nothing too fancy so there won't be a lot to refuse or pass up.

12/22/13 10:18 P

We're going to my sister's house so we're keeping it healthy by making everything ourselves.

AQUIETSEASON SparkPoints: (0)
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12/22/13 1:47 P

Personally, I feel like I've just spent one too many holidays micromanaging how many bites of each dish I can eat, trying to fill my plate with 3/4 veggies when no one really makes veg dishes in my family and they're usually terrible, eating way too little, and then giving up and chowing down like a maniac. So I'm anxious and guilty, and entirely miss the point of the holidays!

So this time I'm taking a proactive approach. I'm going to have a light but healthy breakfast (probably a hardboiled egg, toast & fruit), go to the gym and do a nice long but easy cardio & strenth straining session, have a big leafy salad w/ protein for lunch...and then relax. And focus on genuinely catching up with my family members, paying attention to the traditions & gift giving, and really being in the moment & spirit of Christmas. My hope is that if I'm already satisfied and focusing on what makes me happy (I'm very lucky in that I'm excited to see my family - if they stressed me out this would TOTALLY not work!!), I can just eat one plate/serving of food, be satisifed, and be done with it.

Also NIRERIN sad something that really resonated with me - none of these foods are truly "once in a lifetime". You'll have them again. And the fact is, a half hour after you eat your one serving, chances are you're not even going to want more of it!

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
12/22/13 12:36 P

you don't have to say no [or yes for that matter] to everything. look at what is available and pick what you think you would like the most.and have some of it. also make an effort to note portion sizes when you are measuring. in other words, when you are home, don't just weigh out your ounce of cheese, look at the size of that ounce of cheese. compare it to a finger [yes, i know that a pair of dice is about the size of an ounce of cheese, but do you carry dice around with you? or baseballs? or any of those other handy a portion is this size items? i sure don't.] and try and keep that in mind. i know for me a balled fist is about a half cup and what i can hold in my cupped hand is about a third of a cup. your hands might hold 2/3 cup or half a cup. depends on the size of your hands. but if you pay attention to what you serve yourself you can get better at eyeballing in situations where you don't want to bring scales, cups and spoons. if you think you might ever want to not track, having a good grasp of what a portion size is is a helpful trick.
and just because you are on vacation that doesn't mean it's the last time you'll ever be on vacation or have the opportunity to eat those items at those places again. in other words, you can't think of every meal as a once in a lifetime, last chance opportunity. if your great aunt kathy is in failing health and she made her signature dish, by all means have some if you like what she makes. that's a reasonable last chance at something. but if you're going to chain restaurants, having storebought food from chain supermarkets, the same green bean casserole that susie makes every holiday, those sorts of things it's fine to skip or really skimp on. even if it's a local fancy restaurant ask yourself if you really couldn't get something similar at a fancy restaurant at home? it's fine to indulge in those special splurges, you just have to be very discerning about what a special splurge is. in other words, every food you will encounter on your trip can't be a special splurge.
and the easiest way to deal with pushy family is "thanks, i had a little of x, it was excellent, but i am stuffed right now." if it's a situation where everyone brings good food, make a fuss over those foods, make sure you try a little of everything and just be insistent that you are full and couldn't possibly eat another bite.

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12/22/13 2:29 A

by only eating a little of each thing-

MONOGRAMMA SparkPoints: (24,926)
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12/22/13 2:24 A

Good advices! Thank you so much. It is just that in the greek families "no" is not enough, especially when it has to do with the food..

The past three weeks I stopped my cardio and strength training. I have to start again. And it's a good thought "I don't need this" rather than " I shouldn't eat this"

Thank you all of you..

KELLIEBEAN Posts: 6,760
12/22/13 12:19 A

Just a tablespoon of most of what I like plus I always keep in mind, "I don't need that" not "I can't have that".

I will make sure to get my cardio in. I have upped the strength training this week to keep the muscles burning through the week!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (254,056)
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12/21/13 9:07 P

Tell yourself that you don't HAVE to eat it just because it is there, and if you do, you can always choose smaller portions.

The days that you aren't going to be eating at home, choose very healthy options and portions and pay good attention to nutrition intake.

I won't be having much. Because I would otherwise have been on my own, I am going to my Mother and Stepfather's (92 and 94yrs old) and am doing their Xmas lunch. It will be totally normal fare, except I have bought mini pavlovas, mini chocolate eclairs, and brandy snap baskets, with some fresh fruit salad and a little whipped cream.


ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
12/21/13 7:13 P

Eating dinner in a restaurant!

HHUGHES71 SparkPoints: (104,324)
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12/21/13 6:09 P

All you have to do is say "no thank you" and then move on. Make sure you are getting plenty of fruits, veggies and water. If you want a glass of wine, make it small and then drink only one. If you are driving, then that is an easy on to get around.

I will be eating ham for the first time in several months. Also, my mother is making her famous hashbrown casserole and I will most definitely put a couple of bites of that on my plate.

I think to have a couple of bites of some of your favorite Christmas foods is fine, as long as it's being balanced out by healthy options. Also, if you know your calories will probably be higher on a certain day, then make sure to get in a good workout on that day as well.

MONOGRAMMA SparkPoints: (24,926)
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12/21/13 6:05 P

Christmas dinners and invitations are are you going to control yourself and say "no" to everything that will be offered to you? How are u going to measure your food in front of other people?

I am afraid that my nutrition plan will be destroyed for these 2 weeks and when I return back home from the vacation I will have ++kilos instead of loosing or at least being the same as I was before the Christmas emoticon

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