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6/11/14 1:14 P

It does make sense, but like the previous poster said, the amount of calories we're talking about is likely very small, so it shouldn't be an issue. You can also change your program setup so that your calorie range is based on a calories burned goal instead of being based on how much exercise you're tracking. That way your range is the same every day instead of changing when you log your exercise. To do that, click on Account Preferences at the top left of your Start page and you can change it from there.

Coach Jen

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6/11/14 9:34 A

I'm wondering because my nutrition tracker just started adding calories based upon my calories burned exercising. I don't want to double count my calories burned, therefore increasing my calories consumed, if the numbers aren't correct.

Does that make sense?

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6/10/14 9:37 P

The standard convention for counting exercise calories (whether by HRM, online calculator, or in a lab) is to include your underlying metabolism as well, as this is part of the total load on your heart and lungs.

However, when calculating your total burn, yes there is a slight double count - a BMR of 1900 represents about 80 calories per hour. For short intense exercise, the double count is insignificant - probably less than the margin of error in a calorie estimate anyway. For long duration cardio, (2-3 hours) the double count is more significant.


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6/10/14 1:17 P

The calculations don't take out the number of calories you'd be burning normally during the time you're exercising. So in a sense, there is some double-counting happening, but unless you're exercising for very long periods of time, it's not likely to make much of a difference overall.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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6/10/14 11:22 A

I'm wondering if calories burned are those burned in addition to your basic metabolic rate or does calories burned include those calories from your BMR?


1900 calories (BMR) + 300 calories (1 hr cardio) = 2200 calories burned for the day
1900 calories (BMR) + 300 calories - (calories already accounted for in BMR) = ????

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