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1/29/13 1:34 P

Exercise minutes are set to 30 minutes 3x a week if you don't change it. That would be 90 minutes. So you must have set 660 minutes yourself. You can tick what days you'll exercise and how many minutes per day you'll exercise - so you probably set that, and 660 is just the multiplication of number of days times minutes per day.

Never use minutes. Ignore minutes. Minutes are largely irrelevant.

The important thing is, are you also exceeding the goal 'calories burned'? That is the figure that is used to calculate your nutritional ranges, so it needs to be accurate. If you're exceeding it, simply change it. You can manually set how many calories you'll burn in a week, and you can choose a figure based on what you've tracked so far.

1/29/13 1:13 P

It is Tuesday and after two days I am over my minutes. I see it as a bonus extra calorie deficiency but I eat on the higher end of my range on days where I work out, espcially a day like today where I burned 500 calories.

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1/29/13 1:08 P

I think they're set based on your goals. But, they're just a guideline. If you go over that, readjust. I set my own, and I sitll go over them a lot, I just don't worry. The one thing I make sure to do is to set my weekly calorie burn accurately, as long as that's right, your nutrition ranges should be right, and you can do as much exercise as you want.

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1/29/13 12:52 P

My weekly exercise minutes were set at 660. I consistently exceed that in a week. Were these exercise minutes set according to height, weight, how active/sedentary I am, etc? Should I change the goals since I am almost always coming in over the 660? I'm a little unclear about all of this. I track my exercise faithfully every day.


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