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DWORB415 Posts: 296
11/21/13 7:18 P

My tracker this week is probably not an accurate version of what I eat on a daily basis. This week I tried something new. I followed the meal plan suggested by Spark People. While I didn't follow it exact, I did follow it on most days.

The 6 tsp of sugar, or 2 tbsp of sugar is for my coffee. I used to drink over 6 cups of coffee a day with sugary liquid creamer that amounted to well over 300 calories per day. I now am down to about 2 cups of coffee with milk and 2 tbsp of sugar. It took me quite a while to get down to that. I am happy with only 2 tbsp of sugar with milk with my coffee compared to what I used to do. Eliminating my morning coffee is simply not feasible. I've tried switching to tea, but I have tried dozens of types of tea and I just do not like the taste.

Also, regarding the comment on the oxtail stew, I didn't feel like calculating my recipe so I used whoever's recipe was on SparkPeople, including the rice that they used. I figured it was close enough. The waffles and tangerines were strange, I admit, but again, for that meal I was following SparkPeople's meal suggestion. I keep a food journal that I write in, so that is a better indication of what I've been eating for the past few months. I just kind of go in spurts inputting it online. I do eat other veggies that I don't post on spark people, because they don't count as many calories, but I should probably start tracking those too.

I know there are days where I eat tons of sweets. I admit I have a sweet tooth, but more than half of the time I reach for the sweets because I feel famished and it seems to be the only thing that works right away. When I feel hungry like I do it isn't a craving...I can eat fruits and vegetables and it doesn't go away.

Thanks for all the help, but I think I will wait to see what my doctor says. It doesn't seem to be these things you've all brought up, or at least to my knowledge. Thanks again though!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
11/21/13 5:47 P

Yeah, I would definitely cut out carbs for a week and see how you make out.

Pasta, grains, flour, etc.

Some people can get really heated about low carb diets, I kinda thought it was b.s., just a fad...then I tried it. I lost 15 pounds in 2 months doing it. And I used to be a carboholic!!

One thing I noticed was that after I ate a carb heavy meal..I'd be hungry again in 2 hours.

I do what's called a "slow carb lifestyle" (won't catch me using the D word). I eat a lot of legumes and beans, which have a lot of fiber and protein. White flour (breads, cookies, etc.) is a no-go for me....just not worth it.

Sometimes when you first start it takes a lot of tinkering to find what works for you. If you're still hungry all the time, it just means you need to keep exploring what's the best for your body and your lifestyle.

My one fallacy is still sugar. I've weaned myself to 2 dots in the morning. I think a dot is 1/2 a teaspoon? 10 cals, 2's my one indulgence left. I've been trying's really not bad (taste wise).

NIRERIN Posts: 14,329
11/21/13 5:23 P

one thing you should look up is a hunger satiety scale. it's a scale of 1-10 from starving to fully stuffed after thanksgiving. familiarize yourself with the midlevels of hunger and make sure you aren't associating "not stuffed" with hungry. there is plenty of room between stuffed to the gills and needing to eat again. also make sure you aren't psyching yourself out. it's like someone telling you not to say pineapple or elephant. if you're so busy thinking about not saying it odds are you're going to say it. so make sure you aren't so worried about it that you're making yourself hungry.
besides that, start noting what times different meals keep you full for. odds are you'll find some of your meals are keeping you a little better and others don't. so work on tweaking what doesn't keep you full or eliminating it entirely.
i peeked at your tracker.
your oxtail stew with beans and rice, has little to no beans or rice if there are only 18 g carbs in a serving. the brown rice i have has 32 in 1/4 cup dry and the beans i grabbed have 20 in 1/4 cup dry. that would cook up to about 1 cup of rice and about half a cup of beans. so you'd be eating around a third of a cup of rice and a sixth cup of beans to get those numbers. eating slightly larger portions, especially of the beans is going to bulk up the meal a little more. also consider adding peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower or squash to the stew to add a lot of bulk without a lot of calories. most of those run about 50 cals a cup, so you'd be getting a lot more food for not so many more calories.
if you're having problems feeling full, you need to cut out the 2 Tablespoons of sugar with breakfast. yes, 6 teaspoons is 2 Tablespoons of sugar. and it's 100 cals that isn't doing anything to making you feel full. i know the big kick in the pants for me was realizing that 6 teaspoons was in fact 2 Tablespoons of sugar. and that's when i started to cut out a half teaspoon from that for about a month or so, then another and slowly, over the course of about a year, i cut out all that added sugar.
you might want to try swapping your white bread for wheat.
2oz of meat isn't a portion. bump it up to 3-4 oz.
and your lunch contains little to no fiber and nothing that has any bulk. adding some lettuce, onion or other vegetable matter will give your stomach something to digest and work on. the slower it takes to digest, the longer you feel full. you may even want to try having your 3oz meat and oz of cheese on a bed of greens with other vegetables. skip one piece of bread and make the other into a crouton or use a wrap instead.
i would also say to not have fruit or veggies by themselves, but to pair them with something that has protein and fat. that should keep you a little longer.
eggos i would put in the same category as cereal. for me, they aren't something that fills me up at all. and if i'm going to be eating in just a few minutes, they're great because i like them. but they don't keep me at all.
when i see eggos [something that doesn't keep me] with tangerines [fruit which digests a little slower than pure sugar but doesn't have any protein or fiber to keep you] and then pure sugar, it's no wonder that you're really hungry soon after. you're loading your system up with a lot of simple carbs and not really balancing out the protein. you have to remember that carbs are now foods, they digest quickly and provide more immediate fuel, while protein is a later food in that it takes longer to digest and if you balance it right, will kick in once the carbs are through. if you load up on simple carbs like sugar and you're not having enough protein to kick in, you're going to find yourself hungry.
with your shrimp etoufee, cut out half a cup of rice [and save 108 cals] and have a cup of cauliflower instead [50 cals]. you'll save 50 cals and be eating a half cup more food.
cutting back on the bread will also free up those calories for a more filling food.
the thing you really seem to be lacking is veggies, and veggies are what add bulk to a meal for not so many calories. i'm not saying that it doesn't look like you haven't made any improvements, it's just looks to me that bulking with veggies would be a good next step.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,863)
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11/21/13 5:06 P

That kind of hunger should NOT be ignored. It is quite possible that at times the calories you consume aren't enough for the exercise you are doing.

I had a quick peek on your Nutrition Tracker and noticed that with a few days I looked at, there were cookies etc. with considerable calories, but very little fruit/veges. If you replaced the cookies and sugar (6 teaspoons for one breakfast) with mostly fruit/veges, you might notice a significant change.


DWORB415 Posts: 296
11/21/13 2:41 P

Thanks for the article! I probably could add more fiber and protein to my diet. I am always drinking tons of water, so that is never a problem for me. I'll take your advice and try to add more of those things...maybe that will help in the mean time.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
11/21/13 2:27 P

Fiber, Protein, Fats, and Water.

Fill Up on Fiber
Fiber is going to be your best asset to feeling full throughout the day. Fiber is a component of fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole-grain foods. Your body can't fully digest fiber but fiber will bulk up your meals and make you feel fuller for longer. Foods high in fiber also take longer to chew, slowing down your eating and allowing your brain to really gauge how full you are, which prevents overeating. To avoid bloating, gas and constipation, be sure to increase your fiber intake slowly and drink plenty of fluids.

Hydrate with H2O
Staying hydrated while reducing portion sizes can aid in weight loss. Drinking water, especially before meals, will fill your stomach, making you feel full and reducing the likelihood that you will overeat. Additionally, people can mistake thirst for hunger, causing them to eat when they aren't truly hungry. This could sabotage weight-loss efforts. Carry a reusable water bottle and sip throughout the day, refilling often.

Pile on the Protein
Protein takes a long time to digest and metabolize and also burns more calories in the process. Studies have also shown that protein may satisfy your hunger better than carbohydrates or fats. Feeling satisfied throughout the day is vital for sticking to a reduced-calorie diet. To maximize protein's fat-busting potential, be sure to consume a good dose of protein for breakfast.

It's also essential to consume enough protein while you're dropping pounds in order to stave off muscle loss. Up your protein intake so that your body can use the amino acids to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

SparkPeople has a great article on this:

One thing I went through was the time it took to shrink my stomach - not my belly - my actual stomach. When you over eat, over time, your stomach stretches, so eating less (obviously) does not fill it up, hence you always feel hungry. When you start eating less, it takes time for your stomach to shrink to where you feel full faster. It took a month before I noticed that my stomach had shrunk to where I feel more full.

It think going to the doctor is a really good idea though.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
11/21/13 2:19 P

There are some crackers made in Norway (I believe) called GG crackers. You can get them online at amazon or in a Whole Foods store. Those are two places I have found them. They are very high in fiber and frankly not very tasty. But they are not made to be eaten by themselves, I don't think. They are basically rye pressed into a cracker. I love fiber and I eat these with some cottage cheese or anything else that looks good - piled on top. Eat something like that until you are full and drink water, always a good suggestion when you are eating fiber!

My husband tried one and later reported that it made him feel full for a couple hours. That's impressive but I think you build a tolerance so that won't always be the case.

They are very low in calories. Actually zero points plus in Weight Watchers if you can understand that.

Also, sometimes what is 'hunger' is thirst thinly disguised. Recently my husband ran into a colleague who'd lost a good 20 pounds. He asked him how he did it and the guy said he drank hot water with lemon all day. For someone with an office job, I can see how that would work for him. I commented, 'No, I think drinking water - period - all day was the key.' Just my opinion but there are studies that show a strong effect on weight loss with more water intake. This is also one of the basic points of WW, as well as the long-time solution of eating clear vegetable soup whenever you get hungry. The WW vegetable soup is low-glycemic vegetables (I think, I haven't checked) cut up with clear broth. But water instead of broth works fine for me when I make a clear soup. WW makes this zero points plus, too, but that WW vegetable soup has been the 'eat all you want' choice for many years.

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11/21/13 1:56 P

I've struggled with the issue of always feeling hungry for well over a year now. Some days are better than most, but lately I feel hungry all the time. I can barely make it to the next meal without having one or two snacks in between, and even then I just BARELY make it to the next. I get irritable, light headed, and almost feel like passing out when I get so hungry. I have been tracking my food and I am eating enough. I am not sure why I always feel such an excessive amount of hunger. Today it was so bad, that I called my doctor to make an appointment.

I still am curious how much hunger is too much? Is there a such thing? My appointment is in three weeks, so I still have to figure out how to make it until then. I eat 3 meals per day with a snack in between each meal. It's difficult to cut calories to lose weight when I already feel hungry to start off with.

What do you do to stay full? I've tried eating nuts but they don't fill me up at all. Yogurt fills me up for about half an hour. Cottage cheese lasts a bit longer, but nothing else seems to stick to me, snack-wise. Peanut butter helps, but I can't eat peanut butter in between each meal for the rest of my life. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you think I have a real medical problem or is this a matter of sucking it up and being hungry? What is normal?

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