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MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
4/21/11 11:02 A

Faith is like love, in that there is no limit to how much you can have. If you have a ton of faith, there is 10 tons of faith available. If you have 10 tons of faith, there is 100 tons of faith available, etc. Keep growing in your faith. May God Bless everyone with faith, Vic.

PURESTILLWATER SparkPoints: (218,084)
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Posts: 2,347
4/20/11 7:27 P

A ton. I put all my trust in Him and He has blessed me so much. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
4/20/11 5:40 P

Every day is trusting that God is in control. His power is everpresent.

DADDYTREVOR Posts: 1,971
4/17/11 8:16 A


FIREFLY_MEDIC SparkPoints: (36,861)
Fitness Minutes: (34,848)
Posts: 1,769
4/17/11 4:09 A

I can always use more

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
4/17/11 1:27 A

Each day is an opportunity for glorifying God. This can be done through acknowledging goodness which surrounds us.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
4/7/11 9:22 A

Does our life reflect the faith we proclaim? Do we live our life as to bring glory and honor to our God? In His Grace, Vic.

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
4/6/11 5:16 P

God is Life. I live because God created me.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
4/3/11 5:28 P

How does one measure faith? Is it something you say because you believe in it; or, is it something you do because you believe in it?? Something to think about! God Bless, Vic.

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
4/3/11 5:25 P

Today I honor God and give my faith in Him to the day.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
3/18/11 3:15 P

Without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). Without faith there is no real hope, and without hope there is no faith and no love. God Bless Everyone, Vic.

AHMARROSE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 13,873
3/18/11 1:38 P

in all aspects of my life

CYNNANE Posts: 567
3/18/11 12:08 P

I have faith in humanity, but I do not rely on a "God(s)" to explain or provide hope. I have faith that we can rise above labels to become something more, something better.

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
3/18/11 11:55 A

Hebrews:1,3 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
3/10/11 4:27 P

Let's add to faith, HOPE and LOVE, but the greatest of these is LOVE (1 Cor 13:13). God Bless Everyone, Vic.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
3/9/11 11:52 A

Without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6)and without faith there is no HOPE (Heb 11:1).
That's something to think about! God Bless, Vic.

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (63,576)
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Posts: 7,048
3/9/11 11:14 A

All that I have........

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
3/7/11 8:39 A

Faith is the victory that overcomes the world! God Bless Everyone, Vic.

TACONES Posts: 4,713
3/6/11 6:41 P

Nothing but...that is all I have. emoticon

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
3/3/11 6:19 P

Living with strength that God provides for me. I am blessed with God's infinite goodness.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
3/3/11 5:22 P

My faith amazes even me sometimes! PRAISE GOD! Vic.

-RUBIES- Posts: 6,265
3/3/11 5:16 P

a whole whole bunch, it's all about Jesus!

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
3/3/11 3:29 P

I'm glad I have faith in jesus, and am obedient to that faith. God Bless Everyone, Vic.

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
3/2/11 6:33 P

I am grateful for the Bible and the ablity to read so that each day I have opportunity to trust more and live with faith that God loves me.
Psalms 21:21 He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

TRINA001 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 190
2/26/11 4:28 P

I'm an atheist so there is no religious faith in my life.
I prefer a scientific approach to life.

SHAPEUPNOW1 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/26/11 4:00 P

Mustard seed faith can move mountains!!

BSALLERSON SparkPoints: (0)
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2/8/11 5:21 P

As an atheist, I don't rely on things beyond myself for comfort, inspiration, etc. I am at peace with the universe and appreciate the beauty and wonderment of it all for what it is. I am appreciative for the experience of being alive and do what I do in life simply because kindness and compassion for our fellow humans is a good thing. Treating others as you want to me treated is my creedo. While others may put faith into a higher power and believe that their good deeds will be rewarded in the afterlife, I get the same feelings those with faith do by knowing my place in the universe, that I have a brief time to experience this life and I better take advantage of it while I am here.

With that said, if faith in god, etc. provides you with inner peace and leads to kindness and love, than kudos to you. Just wanted to let you know that there are some well adjusted atheists out there.


MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
2/8/11 5:03 P

I'm glad to see each person filled with faith, but never conclude that you have enough, for faith is something you can grow each and every day of your life and never be completely filled. Be bless and grow in your faith. In Jesus, Vic, Team Leader of God's Family.

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
2/7/11 8:15 P

My favorite verse for it is faith to obey. Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

STCINDY Posts: 144
2/7/11 6:30 P


PATTYKLAVER Posts: 142,941
2/7/11 5:39 P

a lot

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
2/2/11 8:47 A

Oh that we could all learn to trust Jesus more to take care of us and protect us. Thank you for your wonderful comment. In His Love, Vic.

NOCALORIES Posts: 14,139
2/1/11 8:57 P

Thank you for your words on Faith and may it open doors to others as they share their Faith. God is my strength and I will trust in His care for me.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,110
2/1/11 10:54 A

Many of us have allowed something else to take the place of faith because we have not learned to belive and trust that all things are possible. Faith will take us beyond the point where many things end. God Bless Everyone, Vic, Team Leader of God's Family Team.

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