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11/29/10 1:17 A

There is a farm work option now. And it is definitely work !

7/24/10 10:38 A

I love this topic, We have 2 horses and a donkey and it is alot of work to keep it up

thanks for posting this

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7/24/10 10:19 A

Here are some calorie estimates for a 35 year old femail at 235 pounds for some related activites based on MET (metabolic equivalent of task) Values. I use three different forumlas, there for the three numbers. Also the fact that the numbers are calculated to 2 decimal places is not intended to suggest there is anything like that kind of accuracy. But for what it is worth here are some numbers that may help you. These values are based on 60 min.

farming, forking straw bales, cleaning corral or barn, vigorous effort
852.72 611.09 895.36
farming, taking care of animals (grooming, brushing, shearing sheep, assisting with birthing, medical care, branding)
639.54 458.31 671.52
farming, hauling water for animals, general hauling water
479.66 343.74 503.64
farming, chasing cattle or other livestock, driving, light effort
213.18 152.77 223.84

Personally I do not use this type of equivalent for part or my calories.

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7/24/10 9:44 A

Yes, I love that 'heavy cleaning' category. Another useful one is 'gardening'. I used that when a tornado went through my mom's back yard and took out a tree and some bushes. Some of the housework we do really burns the calories!

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7/24/10 9:04 A

You could go to the fitness tracker and add"Heavy Cleaning" as your activity.

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7/24/10 8:07 A

Does anyone know how many calories you burn while cleaning out 6 horse stalls? I helped my folks today - it took 2 hours, I looked at my pedometer and steps were 20709 (I only did a 40 minute walk beforehand)and the sweat that poured off - WOW! I was just wondering how many calories I melted? emoticon

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