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How much you should eat is dependent on a number of factors:
Current weight
Time frame to lose by
Amount and type of exercise

You touched on one when you said that you brought your time-frame forward and the result was a lot lower calories. A lot of people are unrealistically aggressive where it comes to what they want, and it sounds like you may be one of these. A healthy weight-loss is 1-2lb per week, altho' if you are a lot heavier, you could realistically expect to lose a little more than that initially. You must remember, too, that there will be times when you DON'T lose any and may in fact gain a little. This doesn't mean that you are doing anything wrong - it is just the way it is.

An average weight woman who is sedentary shouldn't eat less than 1200 calories daily. This is mainly to ensure that they get the nutrients that their body needs. Apart from calories, we need a variety of food, including fruits and veges. When I went to have a wee peek at your nutrition tracker, I noticed that you are very low in that department. I realize that you belong to a low-carb team, but you can still fit in some fruit and veges. Some don't have tons of carbs, and veges generally have less sugars.

A woman who is over-weight, and/or exercises, needs MORE calories. Some need around 1800-2000.

Below are a couple links which you may find helpful:

I hope that helps you.

Take care,

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1/7/14 4:19 A

It's not at all a dumb question.

You've obviously sussed out how to change your goals and your calorie allowance. Have you started tracking your exercise? If you track your exercise your allowance for the day goes up. Some people track exercise even before they do it so they know how much they can eat during the day.

You're right. 1200 is very low if you're doing all that walking, but the extra calories you'll 'earn' will make a huge difference so that you won't starve to death!

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1/7/14 12:36 A

So, please forgive me if this sounds like a dumb question.....but I've read so much stuff that I think it's all confusing now.

I've done a calculator that says how many calories I should eat to lose weight (it says about 1,800...but then when I change the goal date to sooner, it says 1200. OK......but what if I am also walking 5 miles a day (which an app tells me burns over 1,000 calories). many should I really eat? I've read that if you eat too little, your body will think you are starving. I'm soooo confused. Thank you in advance for your help!

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