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8/16/13 6:17 P

CALL --- your Credit Card Company Immediately, they will reverse the charges to your account, until the issue is resolved. Best of Luck

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8/16/13 4:59 P

I would definitely call your credit card company and let them know what's going on. They can let you know what next steps to take.

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8/16/13 4:10 P


Were you given a tracking number of the shipment ? If not, ask customer service for the tracking number. it is possible the popcorn was sent, but may be lost in transit. Can't tell you how many packages I've lost that way.

Ask them for a tracking number, if they won't or can't provide you with a tracking number, then call your credit card. Let them know that you've been stiffed. Depending on your credit card company, they may credit you the amount and then go after the company.

See if you can get a tracking number. If they can't provide one, complain to your credit card company immediately. If they company won't listen to you, they'll listen to the complaints of the bank/CC.

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8/16/13 3:15 P

I purchase a Birthday assortment basket of popcorn snack last month, when I placed the order, it was on sale at 30% off, I place the order, and the sales rep told me, after I place the order, they will go in the adjusted the price, got my credit card statement last week, my account was charged full price, I contact the company right away, and send the copies of advertisement and my order, since last Friday, and no one from this company have even try to contact me, I also send a copies to my credit card company, hope they can recover for me.

How Long should I wait, before I take the next step, does any one have any suggestion? I am plan to contact the Illinois Better Business and may be even Federal Trade Commission, anything else? I have place many order with them, and never have any problem, since I am home bounded with any car or person to help me, I do 90% of my shopping on line, and I do like the variety they have, especially I have many teenager, I don'[t think I will be doing anymore business with them, any one have any good vendor please let me know.

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