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10/26/13 6:23 P

I agree with tracking. Look at your calories and really see what you're eating (enough protein? lots of veggies? whole grains? etc). Once you have a good sense of what you are putting in your body, find ways to improve it. Work to drink your daily water, increase veggies, get a good night's sleep- etc.

For exercising, try just walking. It's a great way to beat the laziness and doldrums without putting out too my energy. For a week, just work on getting two 10 minute walks in and then challenge yourself to a bit more every week. Maybe invest in a pedometer too (I have a fitbit and love it!).

I really believe a healthy lifestyle and weight management is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. So start with the food you eat and then work from there. Baby steps :)

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10/26/13 10:56 A

I agree with tracking what you eat and increasing your protein. I'd also recommend keeping an eye on your iron level. If your iron level is low that might cause a decrease in your energy level. If it's not your iron level, you may want to have your thyroid checked (of course, it wouldn't hurt to have your iron level checked to). Sometimes it might help to start small with the exercise, like walking for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Maybe that little bit of walking will help with the energy level.

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10/26/13 10:45 A


I would recommend tracking your food for a week or two to see how you're doing relative to your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges. If you're not eating enough calories, or if you're falling short on some important nutrients, that could definitely be why you don't have enough energy to exercise.

Coach Jen

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10/26/13 9:00 A

I'm sorry you are not feeling as energetic as you want to feel.

I have better energy when I eat enough protein & fat. I have not delved into the specifics of the raw food diet, so I can't really offer advice about how to get enough protein or fat on that diet.

It may be that you will need to eat enough calories so you have the energy you want to have, then gradually reduce the number of calories you eat. The weight loss will be slower, but I think it would be more important to have enough energy for your daily life than to lose weight quickly.

Good luck!

10/26/13 7:29 A

Hello every one,

I'm Yosra 25 years old girl. I used to exercise ( aerobic, dancing, yoga, and running) when I was kid until I became 16 I faced some health issues and stopped all sport activities. but I just back good health again but too lazy and don't do any workout for long time. just some in a month and I was feel ok because I just feel good after 3 days exercising again. however, I'm active person in work now I spend time working hard. but I skip very long time lazy after and my energy became low.

I want to know right way to get more energy will I was sometimes getting bad energy from sugars and that was work for me and I was feel good and start do some exercise and walk out sometimes .

recently, I changed to Raw food's lifestyle and I face all that detox and lock energy issues. That not just stopped my new activity in workout. also, I can't do will in my job as I was.


i'm overweight my tall is 150 cm, and my weight is 58.6 kg

I do have good energy when I increase my calories but that not help me lose weight.

I eat fruits, Veges and nuts every day but I don't know what I miss here. I used to been a meet person which eat meet every day and fishes enjoy milk and all that stuff.

So how I can increase my energy level, and back for who I was without break my plan to going fully row?

Please to help I'm really in bad mood because I didn't use to be with no energy.. :(

Thank You

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