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2/21/14 2:14 P

I recently read a book by Lysa Terkurst called "Made to Crave". She has many mantras and one of them is "I was made for more". So when ever I feel tempted to eat what I shouldn't, or tempted to not work out, etc. I just say, "You were made for more!" Made for more than breaking down for a cookie, made for more than sitting on the couch all night, made for more than having goals that don't get accomplished. Having that voice in my head that gives me those pep talks has been vital to my success.

Thank you for sharing! emoticon

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2/21/14 1:48 P

That is great! The power of affirmations!

I'm always telling myself I am doing this! I got this! etc, etc. Sometimes I may yell it and get weird looks from my kids, but it works for me! lol

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2/21/14 1:38 P

I find it hard to stay motivated. Quite a few people do. But what I do, is I look at myself in the mirror every single day and say "you ARE beautiful. No matter what you look like. You're beautiful on the inside. Don't let what people are going to say to you today, or behind your back, hurt you." I picture myself healthy. I don't picture myself "skinny." That is just setting yourself up for a failure. If you need someone to talk to I am always here. Feel free to add me or send me a message.

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