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I can measure my waist in the same place straight after measuring it and the measure comes up different. Even things like breathing in and measuring as opposed to breathing out and measuring can make a bit of a difference. Sometimes we can hold our tummy a wee bit firmer one time but not the other, and not even realize it - that can make a difference. Also, sometimes when we measure ourselves, if we look in the mirror we may see that the tape measure tends to be a bit wobbly going around us. THAT will make a difference, too! ONLY my Dietitian measures my waist. I put one end on my waist and then turn in a circle with her holding it at the same height. My preference was to not rely on measurements and to not rely on the scale. Instead, I relied more on how my clothes fitted me. Having said that, I DO occasionally weigh myself - at my Medical Centre when I see the Dr or Dietitian.

Another thing that can happen, and it is the case with me, altho' I have lost a bucket load of weight, my WAIST measurement has only dropped a little bit. BUT I have gotten smaller in lots of other places - like my wrists and they weren't fat in the first place. They have gotten smaller by about an inch! (the bone gets smaller) The funny thing is, I have gone from a NZ size 20-22 to a 12-14 top and a 14-16 bottom. As far as I am concerned, that is BIG-time success for me :-)


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Hey girly, don't worry! As women, our bodies fluctuate kinda crazily sometimes. Lots of things can mess with your measurements.

1) Exercise! You have built new muscle and that can add a little bit of space for a short period of time.
2) Water retention! Try tracking your sodium - you might be hanging on to extra water.
3) Ladies' Cycle! Depending on where you are in your cycle, you might have a little more cushion happening naturally. It'll fade.

There are other reasons, too. These three things are the reasons that Spark recommends taking your measurements only once per month, with the same tape, in the same spot, at the same time of day. That way, you're at the same spot in your cycle + your body has had time to balance out the muscle gain.

You're doing GREAT! Please don't slip now. I believe in you!

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Are you absolutely sure you measured in the exact same location each time ? If not, that would explain the difference.

Now, if you are measuring in the same spot, there is a legitimate reason your inches could increase in one week and it has nothing to do with how many calories you eat. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to gain weight during their menstrual cycle as a result of water retention. Well, not only can bloating cause the scale to go up during our cycle, it can also cause our inches to increase too.

Bloating can cause pants that are normally loose to feel really tight. So, you may be a bit bloated from water retention.

Did you do any intense exercise this week ? Did you do a lot shoveling if you live in the Northeast ? If so, that's another reason your inches can increase. When you work your muscles intensely, the fibers soak up water like a sponge. This is what they are supposed to do. Your muscles will release any excess water they don't need, just like our body releases water at the end of our menstrual cycle. When our muscle fibers soak up water, that causes them to SWELL in size. This too is normal.

When I strength train, I can have an inch difference in my measurements. But this really IS temporary.

In short, you're probably experiencing either some bloating or muscle swelling. this is something that will pass in a few days. Don't beat yourself up, this really is perfectly normal. You will see those inches decrease, but it might not be in a week. Like seeing a change in the scale, it could take some time too. But, it does happen if you're patient.

Don't worry. You're doing just fine.

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Are you sure you are measuring in the same location? Are you using a plastic measuring tape? (cloth may stretch out over time).

Measurements should only be taken every 4-8 weeks. The reason, it takes time for your body to begin the shrinking process and doing so more frequently may set you up for disappointment.

When you take the focus off your weight, size and measurements and put it onto things you can control--like how many fruits and veggies you eat per day, glasses of water you drink, how many steps you take daily, etc, when you do that you will eventually see the fruits of your labor.

Focusing on the end result of meeting your goals, only keeps you trapped in a diet mentality, when the ultimate goal is to give up dieting and replace it with healthy living so that you never have to worry about losing weight again. In other words, think of this time as laying down the habits of healthy living and soon you will be on your way.

Coach Nancy

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Hi Everybody,
I'm soo confused right now and it's bothering me soo much still so now I have to write about it or I feel I may do some Emotional Eating and I soo don't wanna mess up all my good work soo far! So I weigh myself every Monday and also do my Measurements! Well my Weight was the same and My Measurements were not:
Omg here's the difference from last Monday to this Monday UGH!
Right Arm

Right Leg

Middle S




Right Arm
Today 16"

Right Leg
Today 27" up 1

Middle S
Today 47" up 1

Today 50" OMG up 2"

Today 54"

Neck 15"

So I am sooo frustrated I didn't cheat No Sweets, No Chips, Just Eating Healthy and Working Out Everyday and this is my Results! What's more Frustrating is that I bought the Sparkpeople Cookbook so I would learn more Healthier New Recipes to Eat!
God I feel like Screaming Help Me Anyone!
I would love some answers please!

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