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12/29/12 3:43 P

Hi, everyone I'm very very new at this. What I do is slice them at an angle, fry them and then add leftover rice and a can of rinsed beans of your choice, and add chopped onion and a dash or two of one of Paul Prudhomme's spices. God bless Louisiana!!!

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12/21/12 12:12 P

I think boiling them and draining first is a great idea. I cok my with bell peppers,onions,cabbage and potatoes on the stove top....kninda German stir-fry

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10/27/12 10:20 P

Place sausage in a baking dish that has a baking rack on the bottom so the fat can drain.

Add lots of red , green and yellow peppers that you have cut into 4ths along with a large onion also cut into 4ths.

Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle a generous amout of Italian seasonings.

Cover tightly with foil and bake 350 degrees for an hour.

Eat as it is or cut up the sausage and serve on top of brown rice or pasta.

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10/22/12 3:41 P

to really get the fat out, prick them a few times, put them in a pan with water to cover, and simmer until firm and the fat has run out. dump the water, pat dry. then you can slice them and toss into any kind of soup, or chop them up and put them into spaghetti sauce, or slice them up and put in rolls with sauteed green peppers and onions. chop or mince them up and put in an egg white omelet or eggbeaters three cheese egg product. chop or slice and put on your version of pizza. lentil soup, toss in kale and bits of sausage. all yum, all can be very low fat (if you de-fat the sausage before using it.

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10/22/12 3:03 P

For that kind of sausage I like the peppers idea best. Brats are more of a "solid" sausage so they lend themselves well to just roasting them. You could do it in the oven, sort of something like this
without the potatoes to keep the carbs/calories down. Also the flavor will be good so you won't need extra sauces, seasonings etc.

10/22/12 11:08 A

We like to saute red, yellow, and orange peppers to top our sausages with. Or, ground it up and saute with Kale. Would also make a good soup, add low sodium broth, veggies of any kind, seasoning.

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10/22/12 10:39 A

I've got a package of Johnsonville hot italian brats sitting in my freezer that I'm wondering what to do with. Being fatty, the protein is low enough as it is. Wondering about some sort of broccoli/califlower casserole potentinally? really looking for any good ideas for these. Best case would be something that makes 4 servings since it's only me. So a casserole in an aluminum pie pan, rather than big casserole dish.

Any other ideas with these is good too, browning a draining would help lower the fat to more managable levels.

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