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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/28/13 1:41 P

What is "normal'? I use frozen oven-bake fries. You don't add oil to that, so they'd be pretty close to your machine.

However, if you're comparing to deep frying, the calorie difference is in not absorbing litres of oil with it while they cook.

The oils we deep fry in aren't usually the heart healthy oils we need to eat, and in a serve of deep-fried fries would be more oil than one should have in a day anyway.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
2/28/13 7:56 A

not sure of the calorie savings, but my hubby has been eating his "fries" from that machine for a couple years, now, and has lost weight.

I'd suspect, based on the fact that there's very little oil used; the calorie savings are the equivalent of whatever normal fries would soak up when deep fried in oil. You could compare
"oven fries" with regular fries for an estimate, I'd guess

KIBBLE55 Posts: 201
2/28/13 7:03 A

What is the calorific benefit of using a hot air dryer fryer to normal fried chips/ fries.

We have just purcahsed the Tefal machine.

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