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VERONICA678 Posts: 314
10/7/11 10:15 A

When I was only cooking for myself, I always made extra and froze the leftovers in single-portion sizes. This may work for you as well. The frozen single-portion sizes could be popped into your dishes in whatever combination you chose on any given day. This can give you the variety you want without a lot of extra work. It takes the same amount of time to make 4 servings as it takes to make 1 most of the time.

Extra compartments could always be filled with frozen veggies with some spices or frozen fruit with a little sprinkling of cinnamon--both re-heat nicely in a microwave. You could also leave a compartment empty; you don't have to fill it just because it is there. You could also put in something cold that you could easily remove during the microwaving (laughing cow cheese wedge, baby carrots, packet of dried fruit).

Hope this helps.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,403
10/6/11 10:05 P

I've heard that suggestion before, but I'd love some more specifics since I rarely have leftovers. In fact, the closest I ever get to leftovers is when I get Chinese... I get steamed chicken and mixed veggies with brown rice. If I'm babysitting Saturday night, I'll pack our usual Chinese meal for dinner (and eat something else for lunch). I cook single-serving meals to make my life easier.

I thought of some good hot meal ideas- but a lot of them are combination meals where things are mixed together... like tofu shiritaki noodles with grilled chicken and laughing cow cheese (and some veggies- broccoli, mushroom, and spinach). What about the other 2 compartments?

That's my main problem- filling all 3 compartments at times for hot meals.

For cold meals, it's easier, but I like variety.

Often, my meals will mix both hot and cold food elements.

10/6/11 8:58 P

I use them for left-overs. I usually make a 3 course meal, a meat, a veggie, and a starch. That is what I put in mine and my huaband takes that for lunch the next day.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,403
10/6/11 8:53 P

I have some 3 compartment plastic lunch containers from Easy Lunchboxes (similar to the 3 compartment ziploc ones). I know of some great ideas for cold meals, but I want some lunches/dinners I can make in the containers and then heat up in the microwave. I need ideas for things I can put in each of the 3 compartments.

I'll pretty much be putting everything in the lunchbox and then microwaving it the next day or that evening... they'll be for babysitting/work- so I don't have to eat real TV dinners.

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