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ANARIE Posts: 13,204
2/19/12 9:13 P

I think I would call and ask her, especially since there's a child involved. Just something like, "Hey, you know how we were talking the other day about how we both get hungry around 2? Can I offer the two of you a snack after our workout? Is there anything you or Suzie don't eat, or anything you especially like?"

Then she's free to say, "Oh, wow, that would be great!", or, "You know, it's so nice of you to offer, but if we snack at that time of day, Suzie won't eat dinner." Then, if she doesn't want the snack and/or doesn't want her daughter to eat right then, you're not putting her in the position of having to turn it down when you've already prepared it.

GOPINTOS Posts: 6,263
2/19/12 1:05 P

ha that is true, I did buy the dvd set so I am doing her a favor also haha.

I always do offer food and drinks to my guests on other occasions, I guess this would be no different but somehow seemed different, but yet the part of me that does always offer felt like I should, especially since it is going to fall around our healthy snack times.

I have had evening workouts - my daughter, my sister, my SIL. SIL would hurry to leave to go home to have supper with my brother. I usually had supper ready so DD, her 6 year old son, my Sister and her daughter who is 8 would eat supper here. I do always try to have enough food fixed - and it was supper time so I offer. But the whole afternoon thing was making me wonder for some reason.

Thanks again for all the feedback!

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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2/19/12 12:39 P

I agree with MISSRUTH. I think it would be rude not to offer your guests a little something. If she is a nice person ... and it becomes a regular event ... she will probably offer to contribute some snacks. At that point, you could suggest some sort of plan or schedule. But as you know, she is paying for gas --- but did you pay for the DVD's?

I would errr on the side of being polite and gracious -- offering a light snack and let the situation evolve from there.

GOPINTOS Posts: 6,263
2/19/12 10:29 A

Thanks for the feedback! I loved those links.

Her daughter will be joining us. I am guessing it will be part of her PE for school. Her daughter is ubber excited about it from the sounds of it.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,970
2/19/12 10:22 A

Any time I have a friend or family member over, I offer them food and drink. Mi casa es su casa. They can eat whatever they like, as much as they like. I want to welcome them with my generosity.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,306
2/19/12 7:52 A

Personally, since my friend was coming to my house (thereby saving me gas and time) I'd provide a snack. We're not talking a meal and a lot of cooking here, so I don't see it as that big a deal. I would keep it simple and ask my friend how many calories she normally allots for a snack.

The first article below, talks about what to eat after a workout (a list of examples is on page 5), and the second article talks about what to eat before a workout (if you don't have blood sugar issues and ate a good lunch, it's probably not necessary to eat before you work out). The list of examples is on page 3.

Since she's bringing her daughter, I'd encourage the daughter to join y'all, and definitely include her in the snacking. (I live in the South, and it is considered exceptionally rude to eat in front of someone else, without offering food to the others.) If your friend offered to bring a snack next time, I'd accept the offer and then suggest, well we could alternate or something. Or if it's easier for you, I'll just do it most of the time.

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2/18/12 9:34 P

If this were a ne time thing, I would say you could atleast offer a snack. If it'll be a regular occurrence I would only offer water but that's because I'm selfish when it comes to food/budgeting. I do like the idea of alternating snacks though. In this situation I would probably just take my own snacks and not expect you to offer me or my daughter snacks. Especially not everytime. Good luck! And have fun with zumba!

VPGIRL06 Posts: 942
2/18/12 9:23 P

Maybe you could suggest that you guys alternate days that your provide a snack. Maybe say "hey, i get really hungry after we;re done but I'm not always sure what we should eat. Why don't we look up what would be the optimal meal to eat after a workout, and each bring a different recipe every week?".

This would go with the idea that you are both helping and supporting each other, and help both of you develop ideas for other ideas when you don't meet.

GOPINTOS Posts: 6,263
2/18/12 9:13 P

I have a friend that is going to come over during the day, two days a week, to do zumba with me.

My question is, do you think since she is driving here, not far but still takes gas & time, would you provide her (and her 13 yr old daughter- she homeschools ) an after work out snack? And if so, what? I keep on hand things like fruit, apple w/peanut butter, yogurt/blueberries/almonds, but also open to more suggestions.

My afternoon snack attack hits me somewhere around 2 or 3, and we are starting about 2 so I need to figure out when I should have mine I guess, start with that. I have never worked out in the afternoon like this before so I am not really sure what I should do.

I dont want to spoil them but I do want to make it easy for them to come here. She mentioned the other day she gets hungry about that same time as I do, so if they dont have to worry about their afternoon snack because they come here, I don't mind.

WWYD? Am I over thinking it?

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