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11/5/11 6:10 A

I'm about to go into surgery on the 21st its a hysterectomy I'm worried emoticon

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
11/4/11 8:51 P

Doctor visit, dentist visit,then another 5 in all, back to the doctors.Im going in circles getting no where

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
10/17/11 3:29 P

WHEW Went and had my ankle checked out by the doctor. It's not broken just sprained . running is out of the question, so I'll stick to bike riding and limited exercises in the gym

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
10/15/11 9:35 P

WOW I never thought things would be the way they are. I.ll use my own suggestions and keep the feeling and emotions aside . logic and reasoning rule.
I was supposed to participate in the American Cancer Society event today. And run the 5k in the Detroit Marathon tomorrow. But Friday afternoon while walking/running the dog I either broke or sprained my foot. I tried getting an appointment today with my doctors but was unable so they sent me elsewhere and they could not verify my insurance plan so I'll suffer till Monday. But Monday 1 am scheduled to meet a lawyer the go to the dentist office

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
9/30/11 12:06 P

LONGWININRD. Thanks for responding.
My journey continues down uncharted paths. I had an MRI and still haven't gotten the results Im looking for. I had been getting weekly shot for allergies and the last visit they doubled the dose. I started seeing black spots as though I was going blind and stopped the treatment. It didn't help matters to find out that the charges for the shots was $25 my insurance company only paying $13 and I got billed the rest for a large amount. wasted time and treatment And the democrats blindly continue to call health care reform affordable.
It seems as though all of this is nothing more than a mental durability teat. I got an over looked medical bill for $3.78 go to a collection agency which Im going to use in my complaint letters I send out the old fashioned way using an electric typewriter and snail mail. Sending e mails I usually do not get a response

9/29/11 8:30 P

Well, I'm with you on a couple of issues. Western Medicine is designed to treat illness. Not prevent, or often even cure. Yes, quite a lot of folk are in the hospital because they have not taken care of themselves. And certainly, reports and records are often poorly kept. That said, health care in these United States is an industry, a business, if you well. So sadly, the bottom line is dollars and often staffing is cut in support of profit. Remember before Medicare, when insurance and private pay where the only options? Then you stayed in a hospital too long and staff was plentiful. Insurance companies, bolstered by Medical, drew us up short. Now the Pendulum has sung the other way. So sometimes a rushed staff may miss the errors of an inattentive staff member, so hurried to do their own work, they can't check up on others to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly. It sounds like you were a victim of the worst case. I'm so sorry. I can tell you are a rebounder, thankfully so I imagine you'll continue to improve. Good luck with you court case and I hope this doesn't interfere with your real life.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
6/25/11 7:02 P

Well I have had a CAT Scan and MRI done. Now I have another appointment to have other tests done on 7-12-11. I'm getting tired of being treated like a cash machine. I mentioned to the intake that was making appointments that part of my problem of getting test done is the fear of the unknown, what my insurance will cover and that health providers no longer accept just what the health insurance companies pays them, she agreed

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
4/23/11 11:33 A

The Health Care reform makes me sick. Health care providers at one time accepted what the insurance companies paid them, not any more. I had a $3.75 bill go to the collection agency.

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1/10/11 2:26 P

Have a scheduled meeting Friday to discuss health issues with my State Representative

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
1/10/11 2:25 P

Had the MRI done Sunday went home and slept about 10 hours

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
1/8/11 10:49 A

2nd attempt to have a MRI done Sunday @ 3;30

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
1/7/11 10:40 A

AHH NO the MRI machine gave me a panic attack so I need to get a prescription from the doctor

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
1/4/11 5:38 P

Get my MRI done Thursday. I contacted my State Representative to schedule a meeting to discuss health care issues

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12/28/10 9:27 A

Some people just do not get it. The following is an excerpt from some of the medical records I got.
"According to my staff, this patient is a man of "exercise". All he talks about and does is exercise and has his equipment even in the hospital bed and tries to spend as much time talking or doing that, no reports of any resistance to care, no reports of and agitation or combative behavior. He is put on Xanax 1 mg 3 times a day as needed for that, which he continues to take."
" During the conversation with him, he admits anxiety but tries to distract the conversation over to what he calls the 3 principals of his life including exercise, sleep, and good nutrition and says even though these 3 things one can succeed in their life forever, does not have to come to the hospital, and thinks that health care is tumbling in this country. patients are being abused and he will make complaints to the congress representative of this area, this is not what he expected before he came in. He talked with pressure constantly, difficult to be interrupted, had an element of anxiety along with some suspicious content as well obsessive nature as well."
"Middle age Caucasian nan of heavy statue build who was seen sitting in the chair out side his room, alert and oriented, was fairly anxious and internally occupied especially about nutrition, exercise, and sleep" had a lot of complaints when I explained to him about my purpose of visit......"
So I EXPECTED to get well during my hospital stay, not tortured and confined to a bed. I did not get to sleep more than about 2 hours at a time which would make any body seem agitated and restless. And I DID NOT need all of those drugs I was given. So what is wrong with having a healthy attitude, some people just do not get it...

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12/28/10 7:23 A


THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
12/27/10 1:15 P

HHMMM something not right here. I have 3 different types of material that correspond to health records. So the question is what actual records do health providers re-cord and what records are patients entitled to have?

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
12/23/10 6:02 P

Ok so I finally read the reports gee I never knew I changed so much. went from being 5' 6" @ 140 pounds to being 6' and obese according to 2 different doctors. Also mentioned my obsession about exercising, nutrition, and sleep. What the heck I was deprived of all of them at one time or another, Never slept more than 2 hours at a time b/c I was always gettin woke up for something. And besides what are hospitals for? Where are the exercise rooms? Of course I did ask to go for phyicial therapy

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
12/23/10 2:07 P

Went and got my second set of medical records, will make copies but still haven't had the guts to read them yet. I'm putting together material to file a complaint and make suggestions.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
12/21/10 10:49 A

Went to a different doctor yesterday, due to get a MRI done in a few weeks, Looking for GOOD results

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
12/18/10 10:47 A

Another thing while I was at the hospital yesterday I got my medical records. so I have to go to the other hospital for the rest. I don't have the guts to read them.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
12/18/10 10:14 A

Need to up date here. I filed a response to a court summons I received. Went to a pre trial hearing. How misleading and deceiving the lawyer was. I found out exactly then what and why I was being sued for. The judge asked whether I thought I owed the money. I hesitated a moment and he said "Why don't you just say you don't have the money" I stood my ground and said I didn't owe the money the reason being I DID NOT requested to be hospitalized for 5 days.
Ok so the trail was set for January 11, 2011. I went and talked with a lawyer. And some of his words were the same as the others, "Well it's only $3,000 it's not much worth bothering about" So i learned that lawyers services are based on fees and profits NOT based on principals. He said that he could argue my case by the judge would more than likely reject them. I want to find some one to explain the so called evidence. It only shows medical billing, Nothing for what I was actually being billed for. So Friday 12-17, I called the law firm to settle rather than face an unfair judge. I'll try and pay it off before the end of the year and take it has as a tax deduction on my taxes. Life is full of learning lessons, Good and bad. I lost the fight but DID NOT lose the battle. I will use my experience and what I went through and start sending out letters and complaints. The hospital and lawyer will have to respond to them and have it on their records.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
11/27/10 9:20 A

Lawyers services are based on fees Not principals

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
11/21/10 2:19 P

Thank you I have a court case coming up where once again I'll have to defend myself

J5LUCAS SparkPoints: (22,537)
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11/20/10 4:17 P

Wow! What a story! Glad you are out of the hospital now!

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
11/20/10 10:46 A

Finding interesting things along the way. Does the form the hospitals insist you sign comply with Federal Laws?

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
11/18/10 9:48 A

Can't get a lawyer for my case, I'll not let the lawyers intimidate me.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
10/14/10 2:19 P

Thank you. Patients need a moderator to oversee what is being done and what the patient is signing for. According to my doctor I was over medicated

10/11/10 4:51 A

WOW! I am a nurse and that sounds terrible! I am sorry you went through all those horrible things. From what I see and know some people become health care staff for the money. What they don't realize is the money is not that good and you get more abuse than you get paid for. You have to love your career. So in essense the people who do it just for the money give a bad name to those who love it. Maybe this is what the hospital needs is a court case so things will change for the better! Good LUCK in court! Keep up the good work! emoticon

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
10/9/10 12:34 P

And the drama continues with a court date

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
1/25/10 11:23 A

Thanks for the tip I think I'll go ahead and do that

MIZKAREN Posts: 54,103
1/24/10 6:06 P

you can sign a release at the hospital medical records and get the list of medications you were given in the hospital.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
1/24/10 3:29 P

So much time has passed since my hospital stay nightmare. I tried getting a list of the prescriptions I was on during my stay at the hospital. So I signed a release form at my doctors office. Time passes on and during a few visits since then I find that the doctor didn't get the list. So I'm waiting for another response by way of e-mail from them. Be interesting to know what caused me to wake up paralized from he neck down. I'll wait a few days and perhaps go to the hospital myself. I seem to have on going effects from the hospital stay nightmare

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
6/8/09 10:34 A

Thank you but I couldn't run a mile either when I first started. One needs to build up their endurance by walking/running often and I sometimes run 12 mph for about 30-45 seconds. Wearing leg weights once in while helps build up the leg muscles

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6/7/09 3:24 P

Wow, that's great! A mile in 7 minutes! I don't think I could do that. Heck, I don't think I could run a mile :) Good job on everything!


THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
6/7/09 3:10 P

Friday I ran my best time in a mile 7 minutes. My jeans seem to keep getting bigger on me. ok so I went from wearing a 36 down to a 32 and have to say the feeling of doing so feels really nice. I have been doing more bike riding 360 miles since 3-19-09

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
5/23/09 10:10 A

ok Friday I went over to my daughters house and layed out some patio slabs. Left after about 4 hours of work and my car broke down on the way home, the timing belt broke. so I called a wrecker to have it toward. Hours later he came and picked it up and said he had to go pick up and deliever another car before he could drop off my car at my house and suggested i arrange a ride to my house. weel it was a nice sunny day and i felt like walking so I walked/ran the 9 miles to my house. I took a shower, made up a salad, then went for 6 mile bike ride. After all that working out you'd think I'd get a good nights sleep well that wasn't the case i slept for about 2 hours and it's another nice day.. nice day to repair my car

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
12/22/08 4:12 P

Gee I have more than my share of negative things lately. I'm layed off work for 4 weeks. So I will use the gym more often, 6 days a week is the objective. Next go find some counseling on dealing with uncooperative family members. It's unbelievable that people take such risks with health and their relationships

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
9/13/08 12:31 P

Ran 8 miles on the treadmill this past week under 17 minutes 2 miles plus walked/ran the border collie dog. Did some bike riding and worked out in the gym.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
9/6/08 9:36 A

I am fighting the negative factors again this week. I am waiting for the test results from the stress test.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
9/2/08 4:59 P

Monday went swimming, bike riding, and ran some. Tuesday went for my stress test. They thought they were going to get the best of me by increasing the speed and incline of the treadmill, well I felt great and asked to increase the speed some more which they did not do. So now I have to wait for the test results. Gotta run

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
8/30/08 10:13 A

Wednesday I beat my time in the 2 mile run by one second, 16 minutes 19 seconds. Friday I knew what I had to do, I ran 2 miles 15 minutes 35 seconds. Tuesday I have a stress test, on the treadmill which is supposed to last 3 1/2 hrs. I don't think I can run that long. My hospital nightmare continues. I have different types of headaches. Before my ordeal I had highs and low points. Afterwards my lows were lower and my highs higher but less frequent. So what I have to do is fight the negative factors and forces and try and take advantage of the positve factors and forces. I shall over come

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
8/23/08 2:00 P

Thank you but my journey has just begun. the 2 hospitals I was in was kind enough to send me questionaires. So not having enough room on them i typed up letters explaining my bad experience. I going to send a copy to my Congressman along with other information to see if changes can be made.

KYRRDIS Posts: 4,098
8/18/08 3:37 P

You went through a real odyssey with the medical world! It's scary how much information isn't shared among people or updated. I'm glad you made it through and are at home exercising.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
8/17/08 4:35 P

Got back on the treadmill this past week and ran 2 miles 17 minutes 25 seconds. I have got to work harder b/c I'm having a stress test done in a few weeks, on a treadmill.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
8/13/08 11:46 A

Thank you. I am trying to use the negative forces to get positive results and gettin better every day

DOTROD79 SparkPoints: (2,729)
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8/13/08 11:29 A

Wow, seems like you went through a lot. Hope you get to feeling better.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
8/13/08 11:24 A

My New Years Resolution was to loose weight. I weighed 197 pounds. Lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks. lost another 9 pounds and currently at 173. I plan on putting together a diet that would add about 5-6 of muscles.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
8/13/08 11:05 A

Monday I went to my doctors.. He is going to get a list of the medicine I was on. After discussing what I went through he said it appears i was over medicated. He also said that I am remarkably fit for a person of my age. So Tuesday i went to the gym. Ran 1 mile 9 minutes 25 seconds and then worked out in the gym. Running and exercising never felt so good. Between some exercises I closed my eyes and took in the really good feelings I was getting. the highs I had before were never like this.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
8/10/08 1:59 P

Today getting out of bed was easier. My calf muscles are still tight, and I have slight pain in my hips. My thinking seems to have been altered as I sometimes look for the right thing to say or the right word before saying anything. I feel like I went through an experimental test study on the human body to test my durability. They lost and I will win.

THEMOTIVATOR1 Posts: 5,650
8/9/08 2:59 P

A few weeks ago I cut myself shaving. No big deal I put some peroxide on it a few times and it would go away. Not this time. Friday at work I felt a little sick. Saturday worse. Sunday the cut on the side of my face grew larger. I went to a local clinic and the doctor was about ready to give me a prescription when he asked me if I had any chest pains, yes well not really i felt a infection sensation in my throat. He said he was going to send me over to the hospital for x rays. Ok so I will drive my self over there. An ambulance shows up, I refused to go in one because i knew my insurance would not cover it. Because I refused the doctor said I was refusing treatment and I left. Sunday evening i went to bed after taking a few saprins for my headache. the a few hours a couple more until about 5 am Monday i was have cold sweats and decided to drive myself to the hospital. It was a long distance to the door cause about 20 spaces were for handicap people. I staggered into the door and said i needed some help. They took me into the emergency room as I was hyper ventulating. My arms fell asleep, I could feel my hands and parts of my face feel asleep. After a shot the feelings started to come back but the pain from the infection started to effect me. They took me to a room and hooked me up to an IV. My nightmare was only beginning. I had not slept at all Sunday night. I was given pain medicine and would drift off to sleep only to be awaken by some one to take my temperature, faal back to sleep and have some take my blood pressure, fall back to sleep and have some one wake me up to take blood. For 3 days i did not get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. The pain medicine they gave me would wear off and the pain would me worse than before. They kept giving me stronger and stronger pain relievers to where I had one of those near death experiences people talk about. So day light would come and I wanted to get out of bed. I learned that I could unplug the IV machine and walk around so I did. It's how i relieved a couple of migrane headaches. After A visit from one of my daughters I push an IV stand while being hooked up out to the parking to get some things out of my truck. I had one of those hospital gowns on over a pair of jeans I was wearing and got my hand spring, stretch band, and my little American flag had went back into the hospital. I was to have surgeery Tuesday evening and was instructed not to eat or drink any thing all day. About 6 in the evening after talking with a nurse did I find out the surgery was canceled earlier and apparently no one told me. I found many things about hosipitals and one is every one there is not on the same page, You have to be certifide to take some ones temperature and bllod pressure. They didn't have any one who was certified to do both so that is one reason why I was woke up so many times. One of the nurses gave me a shot in the abs saying it was to prevent blood clots because I had refused to take a heart stress test. That was not true, she mentioned earlier about having my heart tested and I told her that i already and a test an EKG. She took that as a refusing the test and I ended up geting 4 more during my stay. I stayed hooked up to IVS and had a small heart moniter device with about 5 wires hooked up to me. I didn't like it at first but it came in handy when I needed something. I had used that stupid button to alert the nurses and they either didn't want to respond or just took their time. So one of the wires would fall off and I got quick results. The doctor that was to do the operation suggested a plastic surgeon so I was transfered out to another hospital in an ambulance. It was like going to a resort. they dropped me off at a room and left.. So I am standing there holding on the IV stand and started walking around. It took about a half an hour before any one said something to me. It was the nurse that attended to me that evening. and she did a wonderful job of in forming me and attending to the sore on my face that had grown large and would bleed. She put some medicine on and bandaged it up. The nurses and doctors here were realy professsionals. So it was back to not getting enough sleep except the nurses here could do both, take my temp and blood pressure at the same time. A few days earlier i had begun taking notes and writting down ideas about changes. I wrote down some of my quotes and listed where to find more In fact I handed out some of the printed SparkPeople business cards and told people what a great site it and how it help me challenge myself. Thursday moring i had awaken with another migrane headache and becasue of all the medication they would not give anything right away. So what was I to do lay there and complain all day. Heck no I started pushing on the base of the bed which was plastic then put my feet in the slots and started doing ab exercises, forward and side to side. I gripped the head board and did more exercises. i twisted and turned and eventually freed my self form the bed. I walked away my headache, actually i consolidated to smaller area where the rest of my body feel good. So I took the IV pole into the hallway And did lunge exercises and after tne nurse discounted me from the IV for the day i got out muy stretch band and hand spring. Oh lord God Almighty how good it felt to be able to do some exercises. I was free I went out side where tears rolled down my face,. What a glorious God gifted day. The sunshine the temperature and the breezes relaxed me into another world I did not want to ever leave. So my surgery was set for Thursday. At around noon the nurse told me to get ready but i needed a shower. She said that if I could do it in 30 seconds I could have. I hesitated and went ahead. It turned out that the surgery was for the other patient in the room not for me. So i got time to relaxed take another shower and lay down for awhile. It was around 5 pm that i was called for surgery. I remember being wheeled down there and was disappointed when being wheeled back because I had thought that they didn't do the surgery, but they did. Friday morning I woke about 2 am and stayed awake for the rest of the day. For once in six days I did not have a headache. Ordering breakfast starts at 6 am so I wrote down my list and called. I was restricted from eating by my doctor according to the night nurse. I'd have to wait for him to come in, 8-10 am. The time came and went so did the night nurse, So I mentioned to the day nurse (lois my hero) and she said that she could change it on the computer the doctor forgot to do so. So breakfast never tasted soooo good. I really like Lois. She went out her way and helped me during my stay. I wanted to stay in the hallway to read the paper and enjoy the view. the battery went dead on the machine I was on so She got a anoher pole where the medicine could drain manualy. The bag emptied out so I walked down to the nurses desk to find Lois she was busy so another nurse unpluged the IV line and injected something into me. I jokingly said she was giving me something to slow me down. After about 20 minutes my calf muscles started to tighten. A little the surgeon stopped by looked at the scar and told me to tell the doctor when he came by that i could go home. I asked him to tell the nurse he might not believe me. So the doctor called and I was released from the hospital. As I waited for a ride on such a wonderful day I thought about how many people in the hospital chose to be that way. How many let their health decline and how many didn't exercise. I had noticed a slight tightness in my chest muscles then and thought maybe it was from being out side where as I had spent 5 days inside. On the way home my joints started to get sore. i got to the house and was greeted happily by my dog, what a joy it was for both of us. We playe innthe back yard. Iwent bike riding and went to the store to pick up a few things to take to the zoo today. I went to bed and slept for about 4 hours . I woke very sore and stiff got dressed and went outside and played with the dog and went back too bed expecting to see my doctor about why I felt the way i did. I slepted about 3 hours and was paralized I could not move. Fear struck me like never before. I could not lay here and forced my leg over the edge of the bed then the other put aside everything and just moved. I was fighting the forces of negativity. I was not going to let it get to me. I slowly made my way down stairs and my wife made me some coffee , I went out side to try and stretch and Alex wanted to be petted so i did and gave a hug my therapy session was working. I went in the house got his leash and we ran down the street and walked the rest of the way. I packed my gym bag and went to the gym. I did my worst time on the treadmill 1/2 mile in 9 minutes 45 seconds and went in the weight room and used light weights on my exercise. So good to be able to exercise. I went home had some lunch went bike riding. And now I don't know what the rest of the day or tomorrow will be like.. For some reason the clinic I go to is closed today probably because of the golf game in town. I will have to wait till Monday but I hope I am still living.............

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