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1/14/10 3:49 A

What you said is so true!
It is up to each and every one of us to decide what we
want to do to optimize our health and daily living!
Once we decide, it's up to us to stick with the game plan!
Joining Sparkpeople was the best thing we could have done,because of all the resources,and the fabulous
Sparkpeople Community!
All the best to us all!

1/14/10 3:38 A

Your age and experience speaks through you. You give inpiration and the hope we all really need here. I started my new life with the beginning of the new year and I HOPE I will manage to keep it like this for a longer time. I've already tried many other miracle diets before and now I know they do not work. The only reasonable thing to do is to change our habits and never come back. Thank you Shark59, you are a real dietary guru for me :)

DIVA600781 Posts: 208
1/14/10 3:33 A

What can I say simply excellent and so so true!

BOYDFAM56 Posts: 1
1/14/10 3:23 A

Wonderful inspirational message. We should all remember that "Hope" is the main thing to keep us going. I have been on and off diets so many times. I have finally reached my goal and want to keep at it. I fell off a bit during Christmas and gained 2 lbs. Hopefully I'll have that right back off again. I definitely have hope and the courage to keep it up.

WOOSEL Posts: 349
1/14/10 3:09 A

Wonderfully inspiring.

Thank you so much!!


PJBF1979 Posts: 100
1/14/10 3:09 A

Needed this. I feel off the wagon a couple months ago, and have regained 10-15 pounds. I've been struggling with depression, anxiety, high stress, and have just given up on this. Here's to starting again (tomorrow since I'm on my way to bed in a few minutes)

OSEGUEDA Posts: 1,996
1/14/10 3:05 A


FISH213 Posts: 5
1/14/10 2:56 A

Thanks! Is what I needed to hear, gave me strength to start again but with Hope!

KIWIJEAN Posts: 47
1/14/10 2:46 A

I am at the start of my journey and I know it is not going to be easy as I have tried to walk this journey before and failed - several times. Thank you for writing this very motivating piece, I hope it helps me and many others. God bless.

1/14/10 2:36 A

Yessss.... We CAN and we WILL do it...

LUCKY-13 Posts: 11,837
1/14/10 2:33 A

Awesome and inspiring post! Thank you!!!

1/14/10 2:30 A

Thank you. Just the encouragement I needed. emoticon

WANNABTHIN53 Posts: 8,997
1/14/10 2:23 A

Thanks for the inspiration. emoticon

JULIAINLA Posts: 963
1/14/10 2:20 A

The MOST inspirational words I have read lately. I liked it because it was short and to the point. For me what stood out was the part about eating simple, uncomplicated meals and all the difficulties to expect. I also felt it addressed some other personal issues (goals) I am experiencing right now-so thank you very much for that.

OSEGUEDA Posts: 1,996
1/14/10 2:12 A

Thank you!Your hope was what I needed to hear.. emoticon

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1/14/10 2:11 A

Thanks for such an articulate and inspiring message! Hope (aka a leap of faith) is sometimes what it takes to get going.
I am 68. I've been on many diets and many programs-- I could write a book about nutrition and exercise. I couldn't imagine myself looking good again. But I also didn't want to imagine myself continuing to gain weight and grow increasingly sedentary as I grew older. I wanted to play with my grandchild, be attractive to my husband, and feel more respect for myself by taking care of my body. It was a leap of faith to change my eating habits. I gently backed away from bread, pasta, and most processed food. I wasn't stern with myself. I still have vinaigrette on my salads, the occasional dab of mayo; however, I eat lots of vegetables and fruits, fish, and even a bite of someone's dessert sometimes. I exercise (intervals on a rowing machine, weights, core, and tai chi) 5 days a week without fail. I've lost 25 lbs easily, have gone down a dress size and my metabolism has been kicked into high gear by the exercise so that even the holiday season indulgences didn't cause a weight gain. I believe that the indoor rowing and weights have been key factors for me. The endorphin rush now kicks in every time--there's a reason they call it getting pumped! I have another 25 to go but am very encouraged by this success. It's a sustainable way of eating and living that is working well for me.
Don't let anyone tell you you're too old to be attractive once again. Best wishes for a vibrant 2010 to all of us who are on the path to health and well being!

SEAQUILTER Posts: 1,216
1/14/10 2:05 A

Thank you, we all need a boost of energy when we are down. Well done, your hope motivated me.

G9FIRE Posts: 158
1/14/10 2:02 A

You are a great writer and the encouraging words couldn't have come at a better time for me. Thanks so much! God bless . . .

1/14/10 1:58 A

Thank you

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1/14/10 1:47 A

Thank you for the great motivation I always can use some encouragement.
It is getting late in the evening and I think I am hungry but know that I am not. So I drink a cup of cocoa to help my sweet craving. That should do it- No I still want something.
It must be sleep but I am fighting that because I want to read my email.....we have all been there huh? Well thanks again for the surprise when I turned my computer on....Loved it! emoticon

NARLUIN Posts: 2
1/14/10 1:46 A

i really needed it emoticon

1/14/10 1:45 A


MAJKOVA Posts: 17,137
1/14/10 1:37 A

Thanks for very nice words emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


CHASING5 Posts: 5
1/14/10 1:34 A

Wow, this was the perfect message at the perfect time! Thank you so much for the motivation.

1/14/10 1:30 A

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am the only one who can change my eating habits I realize that I didn't get this way over night and it's going to take time. Now if I could just get myself excited about exercise and to stay focused on the right now and not the tomorrow.Thank you for the HOPE, I'm going to make it.

STRINGFIELD5812 Posts: 13
1/14/10 1:27 A

It was almost like your message was speaking to me directly. Thank you. I needed that. I really want to succeed, but it is so hard. I just started and it is hard. I have always helped others, but kind of left myself out of it. Family and friends aren't understanding and I am by myself on this. I am glad that Spark People are here.

E-NORBY Posts: 3
1/14/10 1:26 A

So well worded! Thank you for the hope and inspiration!

KBUCKMASH Posts: 829
1/14/10 1:26 A

Thank you for your words on HOPE. You took a word that can mean so many different things to people and you broke it down in such a way that I for one actually think there is hope I will be able to work on and accomplish my goals.

1/14/10 1:20 A

Thanks!! I needed that!!

HARRIL Posts: 1
1/14/10 1:20 A

that is exactly what I needed to hear thank you for your time and thoughts

1/14/10 1:18 A

Wow.. You are such a good writer... That approach to life is good for all tough battle sin life, not just weight loss. If it's alright, I'd like to post it up on my Facebook page....

You really lifted my spirits up just now.

LISANANCY SparkPoints: (5,437)
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1/14/10 1:11 A

Well, done. I love to see how each of us reacts to our challenges. Your blog is very much appreciated. You look into our hearts and see the need. Thank you.

1/14/10 1:06 A

Great posting. Inspirational. Just what I need to get me started. January 14, 2010 started 229 lbs.

KARABELLA03 Posts: 1,234
1/14/10 1:04 A

Thank you for the inspiration. I have just started my journey to change my life--to lose weight and become healthier. We all need to be reminded that the power to change is in our own hands. We can all do this one day at a time.

CDELORM Posts: 2
1/14/10 1:01 A

thank you for this message. very inspirational and good timing...i feel supported for having read the message as i continue my journey.

LULUNLA1 Posts: 1
1/14/10 12:57 A

I'm printing this now to keep with me at all times! Such an "upper" when I want to give up!

1/14/10 12:55 A

Thanks for the inspiration in the Hope message.
Right now ,I'm getting up from my computer and doing some exercise. Thank you soooooooooo much for the boost of confidence.

1/14/10 12:48 A

wow! this arrived right on time....thank you...right message at the right time...I will keep this and know that I will go back to it from time to time... thank you for this emoticon

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TWINKIE14 SparkPoints: (13,984)
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1/14/10 12:43 A

I really liked your message, very inspirational, thank you.


TREATL Posts: 6,570
1/14/10 12:41 A

Your Spark page tells the story and your forum topic posted here is truly motivating. emoticon


1/14/10 12:40 A

REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!! Thanks so much. xoxo

SUNNY071 Posts: 2,513
1/14/10 12:36 A

A great post and great motivation to get started again doing the hard thing of just DOING IT! Thank you!

NORMA/MAC SparkPoints: (139,279)
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1/14/10 12:30 A

thankyou so much just what l needed will post it on my toolbar to go back to norma emoticon

WOODSYGIRL SparkPoints: (66,359)
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1/14/10 12:26 A

Wow, what a terrific post!!! I could almost hear it like a song. Great mantras in there! Best wishes to you and your continued success!! emoticon

ISABELV54 Posts: 65
1/14/10 12:24 A


Thankyou sooooo much! This is exactly what I need to read when I am struggling and know there is a reason why I want to hang on. Congratulations on your loss! and your achievements!!! emoticon

DEBRA_T SparkPoints: (0)
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1/2/10 9:55 A

Thanks for a thoughtful post -- I am getting the connection between the general goal and the other factors that support it. The greatest motivation I have outside of best wishes to me is to be a model for my husband who is post-heart attack but not yet willing to change his lifestyle. I envision that when the tough times come (and they will) that keeping this motivation in mind (as well as my mantra, Do It Anyway) will help me to get through. Well, that, and all the wonderful support I'm already getting here.

Thanks again and congratulations on your own success.

BH7272 SparkPoints: (17,363)
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1/2/10 5:37 A

Thanks for the inspiration!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

1/2/10 12:36 A

well said!

AZPEBBLES4 Posts: 19
1/1/10 6:58 P

Great post

SHARK59 SparkPoints: (34,283)
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1/1/10 6:54 P

You are here - there is a reason.
You are here - you want something better.
You are here - you have a chance.
Take it - grasp it and hold on with all your might.
There will be reasons why you can't - but for every one there is a reason why you will.
Move forward. Be better today. More active, eat smarter, be proud of yourself. One hour at a time adds up to a day, days at a time will equal a week - the weeks will blend - good habits take hold - results will show - it is hard to see 12 weeks from now - but I am here to tell you it's worth it - so are many others.
There are ups and downs, plateaus and set backs - these come with change.
But a formerly obese 50 year old spent 75 minutes on the treadmill today and then did his strength training. He had a well proportioned healthy breakfast, half a turkey sandwich and a salad for lunch, fruit for a snack (not a fruit snack) and is planning a dinner of grilled fish, a vegetable, a salad and an English muffin. Friends - that is evolutionary - it took 3 months to take hold - but 23 months later it still works.

Why post this here? Hope.

You are facing a tough challenge - but tough is very different than impossible. You will face difficulties, uncooperative family members, time issues, self doubt, years of bad habits - but look to those here who are winning the battle - they faced down those difficulties and often use them as motivation.

Need help -= ask for it. Want to succeed - find your motivation - write it down - think of it every time you are tempted. This is about a better lifestyle not a diet. Diets don't work - but a better approach to eating combined with more and sustained activity can change your life. The resources are here, the support is here.

People ask how I did it - simply I changed my eating habits and started being more active. The more complex answer and the one that may help others is this:
I was motivated to improve my blood pressure and cholesterol, my best friend faced a terminal disease and fought very bravely - my task was far simpler than his and I decided to use all the inspiration I could find to make changes to my lifestyle.
I changed my eating habits and recorded all my food for 3 months - I was honest with myself - I measured portions - I committed to the change by telling others what I was doing (recording food, talking to others and increasing my activity were all crucial to my improvements).

Tired of reading - fine stand up and walk around the house or apartment - 10 minutes of activity.
Look into some of the video strength training here on Spark - find a couple you can do - do them.

Lastly don't be afraid - anything you do is likely better than what you have been doing - be a little better every day - fear will defeat the process.

You can do this - and no one can do it for you.

Grab the hope - hold on tight. Start your improvements and then reach out and help someone else.


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