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ADOUGHTY85 Posts: 29
1/23/12 6:15 P

On the wii game you can practice the moves but not all of them. I practiced all the ones it lets me and I can keep up with those through the game. It's the moves I can't practice I have a hard time with. They are constantly moving their feet (very quickly) in a few of the dances . I am hoping with some practice and more playing I will learn the dance steps and be able to keep up.

1/23/12 11:18 A

I used to do Zumba at least 3 times a week at my college's gyms. It got to the point where we used to either do another class before the Zumba or go for a run after a class. I miss having that kind of endurance

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1/23/12 11:12 A

Does anyone actually know how many calories you burn from doing 1 hour of Zumba? I do it 2 times a week, but don't know the calories burned...

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1/23/12 7:26 A

I haven't seen the Wii version but a friend and I do the Zumba basics dvd which teaches you the moves, once we learn the move, we will put on our own music and do it non stop for a song or two to get a feel for it, eventually we are able to speed up once we are comfortable with the move. Are you able to do something similar?

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1/22/12 7:10 P

I love zumba! I've got a small group of friends who go with me 3 times a week. We have so much fun! I know it's something I'll stick with because I even go if none of the group can make it. I love laughing as I'm trying to master the moves!

ADOUGHTY85 Posts: 29
1/22/12 6:53 P

I just started doing zumba on my wii. I love it! I was wondering if the zumba moves got easier over time?. I have a hard time keeping up with the game. I think because I don't dance,never have danced, and have no rythm.It's fun just the same and a great workout!

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
1/21/12 11:32 P

That's the point of exercise. You have to like what you are doing. I became a Zumba fan in August 2010. I took the class with an instructor who lost more than 100 pounds. I plan to get my Zumba certification this year.

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1/21/12 11:17 P

Congrats on finding a workout you enjoy and will stick with. I found out about Zumba a couple of months ago and definitely love Zumba. I love the music and the moves. I have the original set and love being able to do it in my living room. Definitely doesn't feel like a boring workout.

Hip Hop Abs is fun. I think anything with great music can be fun and something you might be able to stick with.

Welcome to the Zumba club.


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1/21/12 8:07 P

I have always been a person who HATED exercising. This year, however I started doing Zumba with a friend and was amazed to find myself hooked because it doesn't feel like exercise - just fun dancing. I have been doing it 3-5 times a week for the past 3 weeks and am thrilled to find something i can stick to. I have also found now that i have gotten used to exercising, if my exercise partner cancels on me I find myself out walking/jogging with the dog to at least get that half hour of doing something.

So anyone else tried the Zumba, or what other activities did you guys find changed your concept on exercise from a chore to fun?

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