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3/21/11 3:15 P

At first I'm wiped out...then I have a lot of energy for the rest of the day.

LADYTSUNADE Posts: 1,027
3/21/11 3:13 P

If it was a good workout usually tired. But a good tired because I know I did something good for my body and sometimes energized (usually after a dance class).

CLAIREINPARIS SparkPoints: (70,413)
Fitness Minutes: (81,320)
Posts: 8,028
3/21/11 3:12 P

I feel 'high' after a good workout, just wonderful!

3/21/11 3:11 P

I have been working out after work and I find that it gives me my second wind. It sort of feels like waking up all over again.

TINKSMOM1 Posts: 1,303
3/21/11 3:08 P

I didnt used to. Now I feel so good about accomplishing something it makes me feel good. Now my physical body doesnt always agree, but the feeling on the inside always wins!

CUTIECAT1 Posts: 363
3/21/11 3:04 P

depends on what i am doing and how i felt before i started; there are days where i am really itching to go for a run; feel GREAT afterwards - no question and do have that endorphin high.

today i was feeling a little lazy but i walked inclines on the treadmill and stretched afterward. Now i actually feel relaxed bordering on sleepy...

I cant say i have ever felt bad after a workout - tired maybe, but not bad...

ARARAIDER Posts: 197
3/21/11 3:04 P

I am always tired after a workout, but when I am done I enjoy the endorphine rush and then usually a good twenty minutes after I become really hungry so I have to watch what I eat!

MCTHICK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15)
Posts: 1
3/21/11 2:58 P

I feel tired, cranky, and hungry after I work out. All I want is burger and a beer. I have never had the 'endorphin rush' that people talk about all the time. Which sucks, because there is no short-term reward for what I'm doing, and that makes it very hard to stay committed. It's like working for no pay.

JJRUTT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,859)
Posts: 2,350
3/21/11 2:49 P

I used to feel so tired after I was working out, now if I'm not sweating I didn't workout hard enough and a good sweat always makes me feel great! Like I accomplished something!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/21/11 2:46 P

It depends on what I am doing, but usually about 5 minutes after i am done, I feel energerized. I enjoy the exercises I do, so it helps. Not to say that I don't complain or groan during the sessions or wish I was somewhere else, but I find I miss it when i take my one day off.

TOO2SOON Posts: 16
3/21/11 2:44 P

I feel so strong after a good workout. Then, I get so cold, I shiver sometimes. It takes me a couple of hours to warm back up!

CDOWL313 Posts: 54
3/21/11 2:43 P

Working out makes me feel amazing. The more I sweat, the better I feel!

LETAJOHN Posts: 21
3/21/11 2:34 P

If I'm really honest, after a good workout I just feel tired. I have never had the release of endorphins that people talk about. I do it because I need it to keep my heart and body in shape.

IPINTADO Posts: 525
3/21/11 2:28 P

I feel really good. Sometimes tired, particularly after strenuous strength training -- usually my muscles feel exhausted by the end, but overall I feel good.

DEBBYWEP Posts: 21
3/21/11 2:20 P

I recently had surgery that has curtailed any heavy exercise but even a moderately paced walk, outdoors or on the treadmill, energizes and motivates me. Also, after suffering sleep deprivation for most of 2 years, I am finally sleeping through most nights!!

3/21/11 2:20 P

Usually I feel awesome and bubbly. Two days ago I tried a new, intense, fitness class and I am SO SORE. I can barely move. Oooowwwww. However, I can't wait to recover so I can take the class again!

3/21/11 2:12 P

Depends on the workout. Heavy lifting leaves me wanting a nap. An hour swim leaves me refreshed, focused and calm. . . .

REBECCA092871 Posts: 3
3/21/11 2:09 P

I feel so much I accomplished something and usually exercise clears my head..I walk for 15 minutes and try to brain storm for solutions to my challenges for that day! There is no better medicine!

TBJE125 Posts: 307
3/21/11 1:55 P

As long as we are being honest...I hate the thought of working out. I am whiny, grouchy, and often mean before a workout. But after I ALWAYS feel good and I am so glad that I did it!!

T00LB0XX74 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,055)
Posts: 208
3/21/11 1:53 P

Honestly, I don't always feel all that great. Sure I can cross off the sense of accomplishment and the fact that I'm doing something good for myself, but I would be lying if I said it always feels good.

Depending on the day and my workout, sometimes I end up feeling sad or pissed off. I think exercise can totally be cathartic - whatever I'm not releasing during my normal day to day activities comes out with a good session of sweating and heavy breathing. And sometimes that release of emotions isn't so pretty or energizing!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/21/11 1:52 P

I start walking feeling horrible, and 45 mins later I feel amazing.. wide awake, and full of energy

RAGIONERE SparkPoints: (10,868)
Fitness Minutes: (5,470)
Posts: 425
3/21/11 1:43 P

Physically I feel sweaty. Mentally I feel good like I have really accomplished something and I feel like I am "doing" something to reach my goals.

3/21/11 1:40 P

Yes! I feel accomplished, and happy emoticon

SYLICIOUS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,563)
Posts: 3
3/21/11 1:24 P

I feel energized, and invigorated. Yet at the same time I have a sense of calm and light fatique. Sometimes I have increased appetite, other times loss of appetite. I guess it depends on the day, type and the intensity of of the workout. I can always depend on being thirsty.

READY2LOSE90 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,768)
Posts: 26
3/21/11 1:18 P

Like I can fly! I love it love it! emoticon

LOIDAEG SparkPoints: (9,622)
Fitness Minutes: (2,748)
Posts: 542
3/21/11 1:15 P

I feel GREAT after a workout!

When I first started working out I dreaded exercising at all and I was always so tired after working out.

Now, a few months later, I LOVE going to the gym. I get it DONE there and I feel GREAT after. Sweaty, yeah sure. But rain, or snow ;), or shine, I don't care because I feel good about myself. I am tired towards the end of the day now. I never used to be. I would go to bed VERY late. Now it's early bed time for me and I get everything done during the day that I need done :-)

ASTINHENRY SparkPoints: (4,973)
Fitness Minutes: (11,064)
Posts: 8
3/21/11 1:07 P

I feel proud of myself and energized after I workout. emoticon

DHUNTER49 Posts: 3,545
3/21/11 1:06 P

sweaty :) and relieved that i'm at teh showering stage of my day!

DIVIERO968 Posts: 184
3/21/11 1:06 P

Hot and sweaty but very energized and proud of myself for doing it. A long shower afterwards though makes me feel even better. Honestly the worst part for me is actually getting to the point of starting my workout lol.

LILACEOUS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,619)
Posts: 477
3/21/11 1:05 P

I feel energized ... to the point that I really work to get my exercise in the morning because if I leave it until later in the afternoon, my sleep suffers.

SAILSCALL SparkPoints: (59,836)
Fitness Minutes: (44,834)
Posts: 688
3/21/11 1:01 P

I feel great (and motivated) when I'm done.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,334
3/21/11 12:59 P

Since I'm learning a new approach to exercising (through Alexander Technique, focusing on the best use of myself) I feel more centered and mindful. No more I-Pod or television or reading for this one! While I'm exercising, I am fully involved in what I'm doing, and that means I don't hurt nearly as much afterwards, and my weariness is what it should be. HUGE change for me from earlier, and I think it's something I can keep on with--not concerned with competing, or making progress in the traditional sense of "more must be better" but focused on my whole self as I do each exercise. (and I've already made progress, anyway, so I guess it's good, there, too).

SQUID1 Posts: 279
3/21/11 12:56 P

Right after my run, I can't believe it's finally over, I'm so relieved, I can hardly stand it, after cooling down and taking a shower, I feel the endorphins sweeping through my system, giving me a subtle, but great feeling of well being, this only lasts a few minutes, but the effects usually stay with me the rest of the day.

CARIJILL SparkPoints: (156)
Fitness Minutes: (222)
Posts: 19
3/21/11 12:55 P

I always think about this. It really depends.

After a gym workout I typically feel very good, happy, always find myself a little more tired toward the end of the day...

When I workout at home, I don't feel as good. Sometimes bored, sad and tired. I dont know what it is about the gym, but I really need it.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
3/21/11 12:51 P

Immediately after I'm done I feel like absolute crap, but once I'm showered and getting ready for the day, I feel fabulous and usually feel really good the rest of the day. It's just that inital feeling like I'm gonna die. :)

RAVENSMOM2 Posts: 151
3/21/11 12:51 P

Towards the end of the workout, I feel like I'm going to fall over. BUT....about 10-15 minutes after it's over, I feel FANTASTIC, energized and full of pride.

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (504,364)
Fitness Minutes: (192,133)
Posts: 269,881
3/21/11 12:50 P

That did something

TAMIKOV Posts: 53
3/21/11 12:43 P

YUCK! I did that this morning lol. It really was a gross feeling; I had to sit down and let it digest haha

STYLEPLUSGRACE SparkPoints: (2,295)
Fitness Minutes: (703)
Posts: 63
3/21/11 12:40 P

I feel great...and when i work up a really good sweat i feel cleansed!!

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (504,364)
Fitness Minutes: (192,133)
Posts: 269,881
3/21/11 12:36 P

Feel glad managed to acomplish something

TACONES Posts: 4,713
3/21/11 12:35 P

really really good. high energy and excitement. i can go on and on

IHEARTGEE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,724)
Posts: 186
3/21/11 12:33 P

Honestly? I feel hot, sweaty, tired and a little bit gross.

But on top of that, I feel proud that I've accomplished something, especially if I've beaten a goal I set myself. I feel positive that I'm making a good change in my lifestyle. And I feel hopeful that all the sweat and pain I've just put myself through is making me the person I want to be!

MESASA1978 Posts: 166
3/21/11 12:28 P

Energized and focused, ready for work. I've all but given up morning coffee. I don't drink it before working out (ugh... the thought of running with a tummy full of hot coffee...), and afterwards, I really don't need it.

However, I've had shinsplints I can't seem to shake.

LADYNIGHTSTORM SparkPoints: (41,390)
Fitness Minutes: (36,491)
Posts: 1,577
3/21/11 12:25 P

I always feel accomplished, a little fatigued, and the endorphin rush. However, depending on my mood and general state of energy that day, I will also feel either tired or energized. Today I feel tired, LOL

CARRIE310 Posts: 2,458
3/21/11 12:25 P

It is according to what I do.

Water aerobics - very stimulated and I usually want to go to sleep because of the relaxing water, but I do not.

Gym - very excited - that I even went and worked out on the machines.

ARMYWIFE274 SparkPoints: (2,045)
Fitness Minutes: (1,313)
Posts: 55
3/21/11 12:23 P

Tired always. Some days thrilled. Other days relieved it is over. I just keep chanting while I am working out "Nothing else works. Nothing else works."

1TRULYBLESSED SparkPoints: (56,360)
Fitness Minutes: (53,952)
Posts: 3,604
3/21/11 12:18 P

It depends on the day and the workout -- some days I come out feeling energized, other days I feel tired -- but, I ALWAYS feel good about the fact that I did it!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,156)
Fitness Minutes: (300,953)
Posts: 27,418
3/21/11 12:15 P

Oh, I'll admit it. I've had workouts where I felt totally beat up afterward. Some workouts gave me DOMS that left me unable to walk up stairs for days ! There will be days when you feel a rush of energy. Other days, you may feel beat up.

Do I feel invigorated after a workout ? Sure, some days I do, but this really does vary. Do I have more energy overall ? Definitely. That's where the true benefit of exercise comes from. It isn't from immediate gratification. It's the long term effect it has on our health.

With time and regular practice, you will notice you have more energy through the day. This takes time. So, don't feel that because you're not feeling a rush does it mean nothing is happening. Change takes time.

3/21/11 12:14 P

Physically, it really depends on a few factors. The first one that comes to mind is the season: a good exercise in the winter is absolutely invigorating, in the summer I just feel like taking a nap!

However, no matter what the weather, I always feel really mentally energized after a good workout and usually in a rather good mood.

TAMIKOV Posts: 53
3/21/11 12:10 P

I just finished doing 45 minutes of TurboFire (high intensity aerobics) and I feel like I can run around the block 30 times! But I'm not going to do that because I would probably collapse. Mentally I feel clear minded and it's easier for me to focus on what I have to do for the rest of the day.

When I started (last Monday) I felt like death was knocking my door when I was done. I think I went to bed at 830pm because I was so whipped!

So, how do you feel after a good workout?

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