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5/7/13 2:33 P

Thanks for the idea to do the shopping, it didn't take that much as my mom eats lots of fruit and my dad recently finally starting eating plenty of vegetables so those where already in the house. I just asked my mom to pick up some plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggs and that covers my bases to have my usual breakfasts and snacks with decent protein.

The reason I'm trying to just focus on not snacking is because based on the last 2-3 days here, I can simply just eat regular dinner with my family, and keep my breakfast and leftovers for lunch smaller than usual. That leaves me about enough calorie room for a fruit and some Greek Yogurt (or equivalent) and I end up good for the day. That to me seems the easiest way, plus normally saves enough room that a beer after dinner is okish, and my dad is always offering 1 or 5...

Also, I tend to get carried away even with healthy snacks. Grazing and eating out of boredom, but also after dinner for some dang reason I have the biggest urge to snack when I'm full, and that leads to a horrible endless loop.

And I think 6 actual pounds is realistic... You didn't see how bad I was. Eating constantly throughout each day, and then binging each night. It was like I was frustrated whenever I wasn't completely full, and then once full I had to stay there. I bet I ate 6,000 calories each day easily. But that's all behind me now. If you look at my trackers the last couple days you can see what a normal dinner for my family looks like. At least they get enough meat, and recently they've been cutting back on the sides with dinner. Although my dad gets all the carbs he needs from light beer, and my mom just doesn't eat enough period.

Thanks for the responses :)

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
5/7/13 2:01 P

I would very much doubt that 6-8 is actual weight, probably a lot of water retention. Don't go too low on calories. Can you get some of your own food for snacks? And I agree - don't focus over-much on not snacking; focus on staying in a healthy calorie range.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
5/7/13 12:48 P

Just an idea: what if you step up and offer to take care of the shopping and cooking while you're there? Tell them you want to do a little something to earn your keep while you're with them. You will win yourself about six million brownie points, they'll brag about you to all their friends, AND you'll be assured of having exactly the foods you want/need. Just because you have an ulterior motive, that doesn't mean you don't deserve the credit for being a thoughtful son.

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5/6/13 11:24 P

Why not just incorporate healthy snacks into your daily calorie allowance rather than trying to NOT snack at all?

I find this very beneficial, and actually helps to prevent going overboard with meals.

After having read your SparkPage and seeing the photos, I guess I don't need to wish you good luck :-)


KYLAR_STERN SparkPoints: (22,234)
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5/6/13 8:47 P

Hey all, so I ate like utter and complete garbage during finals week and want to lose these 6-8 pounds I put back on so I'm back to eating at a deficit for a while. I'm at home with my parents for a couple weeks and they don't eat horrible (although they think all fats are the devil and constantly snack on carbs) so I think I'll be ok if I can just eat meals and no snacks besides a fruit and protein.

I could use someone to let me now they're keeping an eye on my trackers and I feel that will really help me stay focused on not snacking at all and also staying healthy when eating out. Just send me a quick message and then maybe check in every couple days? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

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