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6/27/11 10:46 A

This has happened to me too! There is almost an 8lb difference between my home scale and the Dr's, and almost a 5lb difference between mine and the one at the gym! So I just take the average of the 3 and use that as my base line.

But just a word of warning, another poster mentioned this too. There are so many variables to be accounted for, time of day, time of the month, clothing etc, etc. I've seen a 5lb difference on my scale between morning and evening! So take it all with a pinch of salt! There are other ways to measure success than the scale!

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6/26/11 3:41 P

i actually don't own a scale...i should get one, but for now i just check in @ my doctors office

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6/26/11 3:26 P

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. I weigh at home right after waking up and going to the bathroom, before eating, drinking, etc. And I'm nude. When I weigh at the doctor, I'm fully dressed and have had at least one meal and something to drink. I usually weigh about 5 pounds heavier there.

If your home scale is a little off, it's not really a big deal though, because it was too high/low at the start and is too high/low now. However many pounds it says you've lost is right, even if it's a little off on what your actual number is.

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6/26/11 1:55 P

Your scale at home is going to be influenced by humidity, age of the device, when you weigh, what you've had to eat/drink, and what you're wearing, etc.

The scale in your doctor's office (most likely a sliding weight bar scale) is most likely to give a more accurate reading at that moment because what they have is a professional grade piece of equipment.

What we have at home isn't at that level, but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars for a big, bulky doctor's scale?

All in all, the number displayed on either isn't the real thing to consider...what's most important is the "trend".

If you are trying to lose weight, if the numbers are going down over time on either scale, then you are headed in a positive direction.

Hopefully, your goal will be focused less on a number and more on other factors: how you feel, how you function, what you are able to wear, the reflection you see in a mirror, your vision for yourself, your energy level...

None of those a concretely tied into a reading off any scale ever made.


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6/26/11 1:09 P

I believe that scales are like opinions.......none are wrong, just different. I have 2 scales and have calibrated both with bags of dog food..........yet they tell me different things. I go to the doctor and step on the scale and get yet another number. For my personal records, I use the scale I had when I started., and it is the one that weighs the heaviest.

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6/26/11 12:28 P

Doctors. However, I weigh in the morning so it isn't consistent.

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6/26/11 12:16 P

since Dr.s use their scales to adjust doses of medications, they are usually calibrated on a regular basis. (you can look for the reacent calibration log, or ask when it was done.) Unfortunately my doctor's scale is ALWAYS different from my digital home one.

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6/26/11 12:16 P

This is the reason I weight only twice a month at a post bariatric meeting at Mayo. The same scale every time. Most of us who attend do the same thing. My scale at home is a good LED scale, but it can differ depending on its mood I guess. emoticon

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6/26/11 11:58 A

Doctors tend to use the "old school" scales with the bars that have to be moved, and the calibration can be off. I use an electronic scale at home. I recently got weighed, at the end of the day, at the gym also using an electronic scale, and even with my shoes, etc. on the results were much closer to what I get at home than the doctor's office.

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6/26/11 11:13 A

Doctor's scale, don't forget the added weight of clothes and shoes. It adds a couple lbs depending on what you are wearing.

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6/26/11 10:45 A

I think dr scales are off by about 10lbs or more. Of course, I can't get weighed at the office butt naked. I think they should be adjusted to include shoes and clothes.

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6/26/11 10:06 A

I feel that Doctor's scales are evil creations........ emoticon

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6/26/11 4:38 A

As others have stated, just be consistent in which you use to measure your progress.

Personally, I use my home scale, first thing in the morning after visiting the bathroom and before eating/drinking, no clothes.

For me, doctors' scales are always more - food intake, water intake, clothes, saltier than usual lunch, other reasons for potential water bloat/retention, etc.

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6/26/11 4:28 A

I feel doctors are more accurate. I have had multiple home scales over the years and they always state less then at the doctors. For awhile I was going to many doctors and I saw that everytime.

6/26/11 3:49 A

Did you mention this at the Drs?

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6/26/11 3:21 A


6/26/11 3:07 A

It seems like the doctor's scale is always a couple of pounds off from the one I have at home.

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6/26/11 1:13 A

Think about this, did you eat before you weighed yourself at home? If you ate efter you weighed in your food, water and wastes will show you have gained weight in the doctors office..

The correct weigh in is early in the morning on the same scale, without clothing on and on a fasting stomach..

Did you miss anything in what I wrote? The moment you put anything in your mouth efter weigh in- the next is a inaccurate weigh in..

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6/25/11 10:10 P

I record off my home digital. The only problem is that it measures only in half pounds. emoticon

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6/25/11 9:31 P

home scales as doctor's don't go up high enough

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6/25/11 9:21 P

I think DR scale are more accurate but the weight I record is from my home digital scale.

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6/25/11 9:11 P


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6/25/11 8:36 P

Dr's scale

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6/25/11 8:29 P

Unless you visit your doctor first thing in the morning, strip naked, then jump on the scales, you can't really compare the two. Too many variables

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6/25/11 8:17 P


TTOWNGIRL74 Posts: 9
6/25/11 7:58 P

well i went to the store to try out others and they say the same as my home scale

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6/25/11 7:57 P

If your doctor's scale is calibrated ocassionally, it is more likely to be the more accurate. But that is no guarantee that it is. I suggest you try out a few other scales (and take clothing, etc. into consideration) and see what the general concensus is.

TTOWNGIRL74 Posts: 9
6/25/11 7:52 P

i am confused , my home scale says i weigh 150
while the doctors office old fashioned stand on scale says 160
which is probably correct?

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