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MITECU Posts: 9,050
8/6/09 4:19 P

I agree with MMANOR. Walk Away the Pounds is a great workout and it doesn't affect my poor arthritic knees.

JUDITHBEAST Posts: 1,941
8/6/09 4:09 P

Capoeira is a great workout and you can modify it for your knees. I recently ordered CapoFit Vol. 1 and 2 and love both. It is high intensity and you're using your entire body.

If power goes out and the dvd player isn't working then you can do calisthetics as a circuit. I do five 5 minute sessions with 30-60 second break between each one. I like to add kickboxing to the sessions.

8/6/09 3:54 P

Put a work out DVD, dance or walk in place at a fast rate.

MMANOR Posts: 141
8/6/09 3:39 P

I use Leslie Sansones Walk away the Pounds DVDS, which basically have 4 steps. Walking, kicks, knee lifts and side steps. If you don't have tv you can always just walk/jog in place and add these other elements to work your other muscles, you can do arm work as well. They are really great and not so hard on my body.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (202,319)
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Posts: 15,876
8/6/09 3:23 P

I do kettlebell exercises in an area that is 2 m x 2 m and is zero impact and the most deadly cardio you can imagine.

SUSANEL1 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/6/09 2:17 P

Mowing the lawn burns tons of calories as does raking the lawn. You get fit and the yard looks great! emoticon

8/6/09 2:05 P

I have been using a jump rope and it is an amazing workout! Just make sure you are on a good surface or else you may get knee problems or shin splints

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,461
9/9/08 9:00 P

Step-ups are a great indoor exercise.

They are low impact, but they do involve bending and straightening the knee - it might depend on exactly the situation with your knees as to whether this is a good exercise for you or not.

Also, what about a pedal-powered generator for when the power goes out? (Ok, not really a serious suggestion - I was letting my imagination run away from me). emoticon


THEALEXIS SparkPoints: (16,168)
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Posts: 1,479
9/9/08 7:02 P

SERGEANTMAJOR, I have no more excuses do I? I'm going to buy a jumprope this weekend. I let you know how my first day of jumping rope goes. :-)

CHICAT08, I'm planning to do pilates tonight. I've done it twice before and don't remember really involving my knees. If I remember correctly, I was using leg & core muscles. OMG, especially core muscles...which I guess is the point. lol

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9/8/08 7:13 P

When jumping rope properly it should have no more impact on your knees than dancing will. When jumping rope do not get your feet more than an inch off the surface, all you need is enough room to clear the rope which should be sliding along the surface at the point it passes under your feet.

Try to find a video of a boxer or other athlete jumping rope. We are all too old to try Double Dutch.

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CHICAT08 Posts: 1,984
9/8/08 4:32 P

well, yoga and pilates can be easily modified for those of us with aching joints and still provide an excellent workout!

THEALEXIS SparkPoints: (16,168)
Fitness Minutes: (27,649)
Posts: 1,479
9/8/08 2:39 P

I have 2 Jillian Michael's DVDs, but cannot do them because too much of her routine requires getting up & down too frequently. I have bad knees, so I stopped doing her workouts.

Likewise, jumping rope isn't a good alternative for me either. :(

Dancing, I can do! I have a Zune, so even if the power went out, I'd still be able to get in some hours. :-)

Any other ideas that are knee-friendly? ;-)

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (201,433)
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9/8/08 1:42 P

One thing you can do is climb the stairs in your house. I know it's not the most exciting thing. But, put on your ipod and trudge up and down those stairs. Climbing stairs is a really great workout.

DVDs are great up until you lose power. Which would be a serious bummer. so, I hope you don't lose power.

Ultimately, you won't hurt your chances at weight loss or good health if you take a couple of days off from exercise.

things like this are going to happen. so, don't freak out if you can't exercise because you lose power. take a couple of days to relax and let your muscle recover.

I've found that taking a couple of days off only improves my exercise when I resume. of course, I tend to beat on myself too.


Good luck in the hurricane ! I hope everything is alright !

9/8/08 1:41 P

Invest in an adjustable length swivel handle jump rope for $8 at WalMart then go to for all the workouts you will ever want.

CHICAT08 Posts: 1,984
9/8/08 1:39 P

do you have any workout dvd's? some of these cardio routines are easy to memorize after enough repetition (or writing them down) so that you can do them even if you can't turn on the t.v.

but, i love jillian michaels's workouts as well as cardio kickboxing when i can't get outdoors!

TATASTHA Posts: 2,103
9/8/08 1:33 P

Sounds like it was a scary weekend, doing a work out inside would be a good idea. Try putting on you favorite music & getting up & dancing. That is one I do.

IJEFFER SparkPoints: (0)
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9/8/08 1:28 P

I say turn on your music and DANCE...I love to dance, and before I purchased equipment, that was the best cardio ever.

THEALEXIS SparkPoints: (16,168)
Fitness Minutes: (27,649)
Posts: 1,479
9/8/08 1:25 P

This past weekend my city (as were many others) was under a hurricane watch. Fortunately for us, we were told to expect only an extremely large amount of rainfall and very heavy winds. Now, this didn't sit well with me because I had been twiddling my thumbs all week instead of exercising like I was supposed to and planned on making it up that evening & on Saturday. I stayed in the house Friday evening and decided that, no matter what, I was going to exercise on Saturday. Saturday comes and its POURING down outside. I put on my Under Armour & FUBU (same material as Under Armour) workout gear since they both dry exceptionally fast along with sneakers that I don't really wear (so it wouldn't be a problem if they took a few days to air dry). I tied my hair up, put a plastic rain bonnet over it (from the $1 store), put on a poncho, and went out the door to exercise. Had I been the only person outside, I might have been alarmed enough to go back home. lol But, I wasn't.... it was a lot of cars on the road. Even the bank, the mall, & supermarket were full of people. I got back home, dropped my stuff off (one small bag of stuff that I had to wait in line for 30 minutes at the supermarket to purchase), & went back outside to continue exercising.

If this situation arises again, I prefer to know exercises I can do in the house that burn calories really quickly.... with little to no equipment. Any ideas? (I have bad knees.)

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