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3/5/12 9:26 A

My brewing is on hiatus mostly because of laziness. I got into all grain brewing and man, that takes a lot of time. I did enjoy it and do plan on getting back into it. But my appreciation for craft beer is still strong. I do drink less than I used to. Just like food, I try to make better decisions and have good beer on occasion, not every day of the week (like I used to). I also mix between liquor and beer. Some sessions I'll drink whiskey, which has a lot less calories and I enjoy a good whiskey just as much as a good beer.

I wouldn't hold back on how you brew unless you think it's not adding appreciably to the flavor of the final product. Just like food, I quit adding calories to things I cook if I find I barely miss them or there is a better substitute.

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3/4/12 6:04 P

If you are just going for the buzz then I would say start off with liquor. Everclear is strong and low calorie shot that will start you off, then once you get your taste buds back in a few minutes you can enjoy the taste of your home brew.

Also, are you mixing your own ingredients or just buying the premade packages? If you are mixing your own then I would test out different ways of doing it (like more honey and less sugar). If you are getting the premade packs then search the internet for different light beer packs that you might actually like. Just watch the sizes, maybe cut the 22oz to a couple 11 oz drinks...

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3/3/12 4:31 P

I hear you, I am a very cheap date. A few friends make wine and hoping to start my own this year.

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3/3/12 4:15 P

Can't say I'm a hard core drinker but I do enjoy beer much like you say. I more enjoy the process of making them than actually drinking them. I love it when people visit and enjoy a home made beverage... BTW buzzed doesn't mean babbling drunk. I can feel the beer after a single bottle most of the time, especially when hungry.

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3/3/12 11:57 A

I feel your pain, but I really haven't been into hardcore drinking. I learned a long time ago to drink good quality beer and I only need to drink one or two. I don't go for the buzz, I just like the taste of a good brew. Haven't had a chance to start brewing my own yet. I love a Samuel Adams, Yeungling, and get into a German beer every chance I get. Black and Tans, Boch, love them. Good luck

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3/3/12 10:51 A

I have been home brewing for several years now making mead, wine, beer and other more potent stuff. I thought starting a diet and life time of eating healthy would mean giving up on this hobby. What I have found is I can still home brew but need to manage it in a reasonable way. No more free for all drinking! I include every ounce in my calorie count and make sure I have room to spare before pouring a glass. I would resent loosing weight if I had to give it all up. What I find is managing it and tracking my #'s with the application on my iPad give control to manage the weight and still be happy. One of the side benefits to eating less I'm finding it takes less beer to feel the "buzz"... Hey let's be honest, why else does one drink but to get a buzz? I know it's not healthy to drink but I'm not posting this to get told off that drinking is against what this site is about. I'm just saying that one can infact manage weight and not give up an occasional drink.

I would love to hear from other home brewers out there, what beers do you make that help cut on the calorie counts? I love my double IPA's but at 600 calories for a typical 22 oz makes it hard to fit into a 2K calorie diet. Do I need to make diet American beer and add a ton of hops for flavor? How do commercial beers get 60 to 120 calories but still manage 6% alcohol?

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