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2/23/13 5:47 P

I hear you! I'm getting tired of winter. For a week it's nice at around 10F or 20F and then Monday comes and it's 30 below again (Squarebanks)! I'm working somewhere with lots of wonderful trails and I just can't get out and use them yet. I waste half my break just putting on all the gear to keep from freezing solid.

Until it is consistently warm enough, I just pace around my cabin, walk up and down the stairs, do zumba, jumping jacks, whatever I can think of to get a little workout. Sometimes I just do ten minutes of something and burn off 100 calories. Whenever I find myself doing something that I could do with more movement, I try to add that movement in. If I'm brushing my teeth, I add a little zumba stepping in. If I'm playing on my DS, I start slow pacing back and forth where there are no obstructions.

I got my fitbit one on the 15th, so at work I set an alarm on my phone and walk up and down the hallway every half hour. Try to just work in a quick walk around the house every so often. Sometimes it's easier to do a little a lot of times throughout the day than a lot all at once. I definitely recommend the fitbit. It has done wonders for my motivation. I had to up my goals to match!

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2/22/13 5:48 A

Can you knit? It is a great way to help keep the mind and hands occupied - you can do it while watching TV or talking. I SWEAR that my grandmother used to do it in her sleep - LOL!
Anyway, coming from Alaska, I am sure that you and your brother could do with some of the results, AND what greater way to show them your love :-)

Kris xx

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2/21/13 9:49 P

I used to tell my kids that only BORING people get bored - not entirely true but I can almost always find something to do - read, use the computer, play games (board game, solitaire, computer games, etc.). Take an online class. Develop an interest like photography and start taking long walks to take pictures. Develop a new skill. I hope you are finding some suggestions from everyone's sharing of ideas.

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2/21/13 4:39 P

What are your interests? For motivation and ideas, try visualizing that your life is ending in 5 years and get ideas on what you like to accomplish and experience in that time. Discover some new hobbies: knitting, puzzles, gaming, reading, gardening (even in containers), fitness classes, workout DVD's, free online classes on something of interest, a recreation center or a YMCA, join a group sport to start meeting new people, hit up a nearby trail for short walks, audit a class at the nearest community college or browse an arts & craft stores for some ideas.

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2/21/13 10:47 A

The videos are a great thing. Also hide and seek and other games like that can get you moving more. :)

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2/21/13 10:31 A

Your brothers are blessed to have you, you should do as much as you can to start them young as far as exercise. Hula hoop, WII games, stability ball, endless. I tell my boy to never say he is bored. Just the fact that you can Walk is a blessing. When we see a young person in a wheelchair at a football game, he reflects on how lucky he is to be able to "walk " around ..

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2/18/13 2:41 P

Those are great ideas!
I do do the workouts, I just work out in the morning.
I guess I'm still getting use to knowing that excersice can just be used as an activity in stead of just "excersice".

I would cook, but I haven't built up the strength yet not to much on things while cooking. ( Plus, I just finished cleaning the kitchen. )

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2/18/13 2:36 P

Can you do any at home workouts? I use my laptop to do Coach Nicole videos. Maybe get some weights and a jump rope and do some workouts in your room? I always feel more accomplished when I work out.
I love to cook, not sure what you like to do..... What about healthy recipes? Looking for them and then making them?
Hope this helped??

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2/18/13 2:30 P

So, I am my little brothers babysitter for 8 hrs every morning M-F. Then, when my mom comes home, I have nothing to do.
I try to go on 30 minute walks outside everyday. I clean the house. I play with my brother.
But they're are days when it seems like there is nothing to do. I sit on the computer and read articles and such, but I feel like I'm wasting the day away and I feel like I should be doing something.
I eat healthy, I do what I need to do. I just feel like I'm not doing enough. Being from Alaska, its hard to go outside all the time. Its cold. I don't have a vehicle so, like I said, I walk in our neighboorhood. I just feel like I'm not completeing something.
Does anyone feel that way too or at least have some advice to feel more fulfilled at the end of my day?
All I want to do is nap because I get so bored.

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