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1/3/13 2:10 A

I saw "The Hobbit" and I loved it, wished I could see part II right now though!

I saw "The Life of Pi" and I loved it too! Fancy! A tiger named Richard Parker! LOL!

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1/2/13 2:42 P

I love movies, and find they are something we can enjoy as a family since our kids are 17, and 20. It is getting harder to all be free at the same time to see one and this season they are so long. Hard for me to get psyched to see a 3 hour movie!

Les Miserables was worth it, son slept through most of it, but the rest of us loved it.

Taking son to see Django today and wishing it wasn't 2 hours and 45 minutes long!

I didn't like the story line for "Skyfall" I would give it a B- was hoping for an A since I loved the last one.

Jack Reacher was also a B-, nothing new there. And I am being too generous.

Lincoln, didn't like it, everyone else loves it--I just didn't think it came of as real. Really boring topic for me.

Life of Pi --OK, but not great.

Looking forward to "this is 40", could use a funny movie, Loved "Guilt Trip" Barbara was great in it.

Not into the hobbit, wish I found that one more interesting, but I never read the books as a kid.

Really looking forward to Downtown Abby coming back on on the 6th and Merlin back on the air on Friday.

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