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9/5/13 11:42 A

Don't feel bad, I too stayed the same for about a year and a half, I stayed the same! I did lots of Zumba in that time and No weight came off. Few months ago, I started strength training, adding dumbells, kettlebells, and bootcamp. On other days back to Zumba. I did not know I have to mix it up, now I am building muscle and I am loosing inches.. Good Luck

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8/31/13 8:39 A

It's more important to be happy where you are maintaining. I COULD lose more weight by eating low and working out ridiculously, but that is unrealistic and dangerous, so I'll just stay where I am and if I lose a few more pounds, I do. If not, that's perfectly ok too.

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8/31/13 7:53 A

KATIEMAE10: I think you bring up a very important point. In my opinion, you seem quite healthy and content with what you have accomplished. I don't see that you need to lose those 6-7 pounds, particularly if it causes some mental anguish. If you are happy currently, then maintaining and not losing seems like a great option.

When I was at 168-170, I was happy about my weight loss, but not happy how hard I had to work to stay there. When I changed my maintenance goal to -175, I became a lot happier. I need to get back to -175, but I have no intention of getting back to -170. I came to the conclusion that being unhappy should not be part of my weight maintenance regimen.

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DASHKATH Posts: 862
8/31/13 6:00 A

There is a term called " feel great weight". If you can live the life you want to live then why is the number on the scale so important? If you are a healthy weight there really isn't a reason to lose 6 lbs.

8/30/13 6:20 P

I would stop focusing on losing weight. It's not worth it. My mom got down to 108, but wasn't happy. She can have an easier lifestyle at 115.

Focus on strength training and building muscle. You'll get toned, burn more calories, and might even end up losing those pounds.

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8/30/13 5:25 P

I believe that we think we are eating right until..........We really track what we eat and find out different. I believe that our minds can play tricks on us to believe we are eating right and not too many calories. I do know I have been messing around with the same 1/2 lb. I lose it then I gain it right back. I am not at the place I want to be.........So I hear ya. But I am the only one who can change that........

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8/30/13 2:16 P

I am in the same boat. I'm working on some of the lazy bad eating habits that have contributed to the weight gain, only because I feel terrible when I overeat..but I base my entire fitness/nutrition maintenance plan on 2 simple questions:

a) can I do everything I want to physically?
b) can I wear everything that I want to wear and look good in it?

currently, the answer to b) is not really..and when the answer to both questions aren't a resounding yes..then it's time to get back to basics and re-establish the habits that are good for you.

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8/30/13 2:11 P

Well, IMHO if you're at a healthy BMI, can accomplish what you want physically/fitness-wise, and feel good about your body, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
8/30/13 2:05 P

Don't know how I feel about this. I have been the same weight for about a year. I'm up about 12 lbs from my lightest (4ish yrs ago) and about 6-7 lbs from my ideal. No matter what I eat, don't eat, excersize, don't exercise...I seem to stay the same. Should I stop focusing on losing weight and just accept that this is "normal" for my body...where I'm at now? I want to be a size smaller, but it seems like an awful lot of work and starvation to get myself there....when I have pretty healthy habits and a very active lifestyle as it is!

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