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10/8/12 1:01 P

I believe that unless you are severely underweight - like anorexic or malnourished - there is always some fat under the skin. It is part of how our bodies are put together. So, it is possible that while your overall body fat percentage is on the low end of what's recommended that you still carry a fair layer of it over your tummy and losing some of it will still make a difference in your appearance.

I would see a doctor if you are really concerned. It could be that "healthy" for you is actually thinner than some people would suggest. I don't think there's a "one size fits all" answer.

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10/8/12 6:34 A

Measuring at the same time of day each time is a good idea, but it doesn't eliminate the possibility of water weight changes. Cutting your sodium intake for example can lead to less retained water, regardless of the time of day you weigh in.


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10/7/12 7:01 P


Bloat comes to my mind. Have you not had any certain foods lately? I cut out breads, pastas, etc and my waist started going down but then I had a bun, just to see what would happen - I was hoping to prove to myself that I could eat it. Well it put two inches on my waist and I dont remember how many pounds. It took a week to get it back off. It wasn't fat, but still affected the scale and my clothes.

Also maybe you thought it was skin, but maybe there was still a little lingering fat there?

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10/7/12 6:13 P

There is no such thing as too low body fat "for your age", just too low in general. 20-21% is low, for sure, but definitely not so low to be concerned.

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10/7/12 6:05 P

My body fat varies from 20-21 which is too low for my age, that's what I don't get.

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10/7/12 6:02 P

kudo's to you! Nice Job.

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what is your bodyfat %?

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10/7/12 4:47 P

Hi SP!

I recently lost 140 pounds...Well not recently, but in the past 3 years.

Since I lost it slow, I didn't get stuck with much sagging skin, but I do have a little bit of it on my stomach.

I am normally 121-123 at 5 foot 6, which is pretty thin for my height. I would imagine it HAD to be skin, because my body fat is so low, and my weight too, that how could it be fat?

BUT, I recently accidentally lost another 3-4 pounds and got down to 117 which is UNDERWEIGHT (where i do NOT want to be - Trying to get back to 121), but my stomach went down almost an inch and a half....It can't be water cause I always measure at the same part of the day...

How could I be losing inches if it's just skin? That makes no sense...

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