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MDMP2013 Posts: 40
7/26/13 10:40 A

Thank you for the welcomes! Best to all of us!

LKEITHO SparkPoints: (562,709)
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7/25/13 9:24 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

FIT4MEIN2013 SparkPoints: (144,741)
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7/25/13 12:02 P

Sparkpoints also allow you to get Sparkgoodies either for yourself or for others.

I am an early am exerciser, as when I get done with work, I am not going to do it! It is too easy to make excuses. When I workout in the morning, I am done before I really wake up and I know that no matter how my day goes, I have accomplished something!

Enjoy SP. You can do this!!

JANET552 Posts: 30,377
7/25/13 11:29 A

emoticon I love your attitude about starting slow and working to make things a routine. Good for you for exercising right away even if it wouldn't be your first choice of activity first thing. Spark points get you virtual trophies. There are like 20 levels based on how many points you've accumulated. The points don't get you any actual thing though.

Good luck!

MDMP2013 Posts: 40
7/25/13 11:25 A

Hi! I'm not new to SP, but it has been a while since I've had the time to participate. I'm a former teacher, but have taken a different position outside the classroom to allow more time for my family. I have a husband (Guitar Lord and wanna-be BBQ Pitt Master), two kids (son-13 Mine Craft Crazy, daughter-8 My Little Pony Fanatic), two cats (Princess and Hazel - our shelter babies), and a dog (Sam- Corgi)I love crafts, playing games, decorating, scrapbooking, music, watching comedies, and collecting things (70s-80s memorabilia - I love the 80s!). I'm someone who has a hard time with follow through, but if I can get past that 21 or so day mark, it does really help to become a regular part of my routine. I love routines! I've started my journey with exercising daily. I log morning food choices and will be working on logging the rest of my day. The big change for me is getting out of bed each morning and exercising. Every morning, I'd much rather sit on the computer w/ a cup of coffee but I make myself get on the treadmill and then afterwards I'm so happy I walked. I love this site and think it is a great resource! Can someone tell me what the spark points get you? A long time ago, I think you could actually earn things, but not sure if that is how it works now. It would be an incentive to log in each day if it did. Hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading!

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