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BRUNSIE Posts: 236
3/28/12 12:01 P

Thank you thank you thank you. I actually DID make it through. I stayed on plan ALL DAY! I feel great today! emoticon

LOVELYDOES SparkPoints: (0)
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3/27/12 11:23 P

That witching hour leads to me eating a back of gum! I chew sugarless, calorie-less gum during those times. And that is after I have had a small snack, like carrots.

LUNA0622 Posts: 10
3/27/12 9:58 P

It was just called Dealing With Hunger and Food Cravings.

LUNA0622 Posts: 10
3/27/12 9:54 P

I just read an article on here yesterday about hunger vs cravings and it was pretty eye opening to me. Today, just having the knowledge from it helped get through those moments for me when I was waiting to feel full and wanted to keep munching. Also, I've found for those times, a really hot cup of coffee with a lower calorie yummy smelling creamer helps a lot!! (I'll try to find the title of the article and post it in a sec...) AND remember that when you're able to push through those moments and not cave to temptation, that's another hill topped and another leap for the weight loss!! That proud feeling rocks!

NEWMOM20121 SparkPoints: (79,716)
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3/27/12 7:10 P

Try to schedule in a snack. Baby carrots are my go to snack right now. I get the crunch that I need and they help me make it to dinner. At times I may eat a boiled egg or 3oz of chicken breast. I have to plan in a mid day snack or come dinner I will loss control. I also drink LOTS of tea. I also come to Spark People and just read, that keeps me motivated and focused. Good luck, I hope you made it through the day.

BRUNSIE Posts: 236
3/27/12 5:27 P

I have reached the time when all I want to do is eat. It is literally just after lunch and I want to nosh. I need to have my water or type this here or do ANYTHING else.

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