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emoticon Happy New Year 2013

I'm 63 and I've been here for over five years. I have spent a LOT of time the past couple of months studying HOW to get the fat off and keep it off. My doctor is NO help as he says "Well MOM, at your AGE you can't expect to lose weight." I'm down from 214# when I started, but I'm going to get to my goal this year. After reading "The Sugar Fix" by Richard Johnson MD and listening to his lectures on YouTube I've learned so much. Also, I'm reading "Wheat Belly" by William Davis MD and I've listened to his lectures on YouTube. Since I quit eating wheat (not just gluten free, but any flour) my feet aren't swollen and I feel SO much better. I've had a lot of "body aches and stiffness" and I'm doing so much better. I'm eating a LOT of RAW vegetables and I'm studying all of this. Our food supply is really bad, so I'm just NOT going to eat a lot of sugar and grain products. Also, I got Spring Water and I'm drinking it and not the "city water" that has fluoride.

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Brenda and I joined Sparkpeople yesterday. I realize (finally) that it must be easier to lose weight with a support group than without one. I currently weigh 200 pounds and I am 5ft 6in tall. I quit smoking in 2006 and have gained 35 pounds since that time. I see that it is much more difficult to lose as you age. I'm 55 years old. I want to "come out" with my weight struggle, but not on places like FB or the like. I feel that I can be open here without being judged or ridiculed. I realize that this isn't a great time of year to begin a diet and I am trying to be easy on myself and try to avoid temptation than resist it, but I also want to be around family and friends (of course) during the holidays and there's always temptation at gatherings. It seems my craving for sweets has gotten worse the older I've gotten.

Does anyone know of any natural appetite suppressants? Or what are ways you've resisted temptation or squelched your design for junk food?

Thanks. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.
Warm Regards and Happy Holidays!

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