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5/28/10 7:50 P

Congratulations on your upcoming baby. You'll be eating healthy if you put your mind to it. It's harder for some than others, especially when the water and other things that are "light" make you feel yucky. At least I know they did me. Figure out how to substitute your unhealthy food with the healthy food (I actually like a tortilla for a pizza base better than thick crust now). You can do this, and if you start to feel unmotivated remember--you don't want to be the mom that can't get on the roller coaster with her kid, the one the other kids point to and snicker at, and the one who can't chase her toddler who has broken lose and is running toward the street (been there, done that....not fun.)

KORYCHEER Posts: 179
5/27/10 11:49 A

Congratulations on your third little man! I have 3 girls and I had a boy in September. Great job with your weight gain. You can do it after he is born! It is hard to find the time but it is possible. My workouts are at 5 and 5:30 in the morning and later at night sometimes. Not easy but so worth it. Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy.

BRATBABY4 Posts: 6
5/26/10 9:03 P

Hey everyone it has been a really long time since I have been on. Didn't have net and then now still can't continue I am 31 weeks pregnant and high risk. It has been hard but I am hoping to get through it. I am happy I have another little guy on the way. The doctors only wanted me to gain 15- 20 pounds but I have gained more I don't feel I did to bad though. I had gaind 86 with my 1st, 46 with my second, and so far only 30 with this one. I hope to fulfill mu dream and lose my weigh after my son is here. Good luck with all your goals and will check in soon.

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