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11/11/13 5:06 P

I've been doing yoga off and on for 40 years now. We don't have classes here where I'm living. It's a very small community with not much to offer, not even a gym.

It was my knee I had replaced and there are still things I can't do and I know how to modify most of the the posses to accommodate my surgery .The only thing the doctor is worried about are lunges. I'm not allowed to go down as far until I get my strength back.

The stiff joints are what is driving me nuts and it's only in my lower joints. I just started working out again last week. I suppose I'm expecting to much but I've always been one to push myself. I'll just have to take it slow and easy for a while. It took me five years to get where I am now so I can't expect miracles over night.

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11/11/13 3:18 P


Yoga could help increase the flexibility as well as the strength of your hip joints. But, if you've never done yoga before, I'm going to recommend you take a class instead of doing a DVD. Because you have had hip replacement surgery, you should work with a knowledgeable instructor. Some poses are going to help and some could hurt. A good instructor will teach you pose modifications where you need them.

I know yoga classes can be very pricey. I'm looking for a new class myself. However, check things like groupon or living social. Many yoga studios post deals through these two websites. Take advantage of a local yoga studio deal. I've some coupons for as low as $5 per class. That's rock bottom when it comes to a yoga class.

Taking a class will teach you the basics. Once you have a good understanding of some basic poses, then you consider using a DVD at home.

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11/11/13 2:56 P

I'm not sure of the name of the exercises I'm doing. I've been doing the 20 minute workout with resistance bands that is on the site. I will take note of the exercise you mentioned and see if I can find them here.

I know it's not all going to come back overnight and it is slow going but I will get there.

Thank you for your help.

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11/11/13 2:47 P

I'm not familiar with yoga, but I'm sure that it would help. I know what you are talking about because I have had the same problem (running/jogging too long). With your resistance band, are you doing things like the hip flexor and the hip flexor & extension? I think that it might help if you include things that help to strengthen your hips AND thighs (runner's lunges, lateral lunges, standing abduction, skater squats, wide leg squats with dumbbell, wide leg wall sit with calf raises, etc.).

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11/11/13 1:21 P

One year ago I had complete left knee replacement. Two weeks ago I given the go ahead to get back into shape from my doctor. Over the past year I was doing the exercises for my knee but I didn't do much of anything else,

I am now doing the 20 minute resistance band video 3 times per week and stationary bike everyday for 30 minutes. My problem, I find the joints in my groin area very weak and tight. I find when I have to hold my leg up off the chair to do the exercises, it can be quite painful I was thinking about adding a yoga routine on the off days to improve mobility in my hips. Would this help? Can you recommend something.

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