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TBABY_8 Posts: 45
7/28/14 9:28 A

Is any one still doing the hip hop abs by Shaun T?

CHRISTINAMM0580 Posts: 186
1/27/14 11:24 A

So, I see this post was a long time ago, wondering if you are still doing HIp Hop Abs. I am and LOVE it!

10/16/13 10:23 P

Well, I got all of my stuff in the mail. My hubby needs to be home so he can take my before pics and take my measurements, but I'm going to start the workouts before then. I always seem to say "oh, I'll start tomorrow" or "I'll start at the beginning of the week", but now is as good of a time as any. Just gotta get my babies to bed. :)

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
Fitness Minutes: (13,947)
Posts: 2,072
10/10/13 7:43 A

I love these helpful boards! I am not sure how much of the winter I will be going out and walking or running so I have been in the market for a few different work out tapes.

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (415,137)
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10/10/13 7:38 A

I have never don Hip Hop Abs. My friend has it and loves it. She has seen a reduction in her abs.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
10/9/13 11:31 P

It was one of the first DVD sets that I bought. I liked it. It was a fun workout. There is no mirical "ab" effect, but it did work my abs a bit along with the rest of my body.

FEDERMAN27 SparkPoints: (54,463)
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Posts: 165
10/9/13 1:08 P

I have Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs too and love the work out, maybe I'll dust them off and do one of his workouts later today!!

10/9/13 11:32 A

I did Fat Burning Cardio and one of the ab routines off of YouTube videos I found and I really liked it, so I ordered it the other day. My DVDs should be here next week! I’m going to be doing a challenge with a group of people. Shaun T. is a straight CLOWN, but he’s fun and funny, and really hot! I think I’m going to enjoy it.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
7/11/13 10:11 A

I don't. I do love me some Shaun T though!!!

I have tried Rockin Body which is a lot of fun if you are a dancing aerobic person. After doing some really tough workouts though, it feels less challenging.

I (like the PP) love Jillian Burn Fat Boost Metabolism, her Ripped in 30 is great too! I've been doing Shaun T's new workout, T25 and it is fabulous!

I know Shaun T, and if I am right, he really does ab moves along with other cardio to help you burn fat. Like the previous poster said though, ab work alone won't give you abs. Abs might be made in the gym, but they are revealed in the kitchen, with a healthy diet.

The only thing I disagree with the PP about is the amount of body fat. That really just depends on genetics. The way that I carry fat, it is mostly in my hips and thighs. When I get down to 20%, I already have good ab definition. But that is my genetics, I don't carry a lot of fat in my midsection. I have to get even lower for good thigh definition though. If you carry your fat in the middle like an apple type, you will really have to get low body fat, but if you are pear shaped, then you might be luckier!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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Posts: 2,489
7/11/13 7:29 A

No, I don't. I've heard of it. Just checked out a clip on youtube and it looks like a fun cardio routine. I do jump rope HIIT and for my fun cardio I do Jillian Micheal's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism (it's circuits of calisthenic exercises).

The name is a bit misleading however, please don't get your hopes up about getting "abs" from doing this video. Getting abs requires a very low body fat percentage which has more to do with losing fat while maintaining lean muscle. Which requires a combo of losing weight and full body strength training. Training (specifically the core) is only 1% of getting abs. Have you ever heard someone say "under the fat, you already have a 6 pack". Well, this is probably true. Our abs are used to stabilize, all day. When you perform any type of exercise, your abs are used and all muscles meet at the core. So if you exercise regularly a combo of cardio/ST with compound exercises you probably already have nice abs. It's a matter of lowering your body fat percentage to see them. This can pose difficult for most women because we need an ultra low body fat to see our abs, typically below 12%.

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TRYJESUS2DAY SparkPoints: (12,948)
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Posts: 335
7/10/13 10:10 P

Does anyone use the Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs dvd? emoticon

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