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2/9/14 12:24 P

Adding you as a SparkFriend. Although I am in Anchorage, Alaska and you are in Connecticut - looking forward to hiking with you. And - so sorry to hear about all your snow - we have None !! But the temps are in the high teens with LOTS of sunshine.

2/5/14 9:12 A

Thanks! Well, not a lot of outdoor hiking this week in CT, lol! The second snowstorm in 3 days, doing a lot of indoor "walking" to get to my goal of 10,000 steps. In Boston for a couple of days for a tradeshow/convention.... at the Convention Center, so between walking from the remote parking lot instead of taking the shuttle (although snowing like crazy, so maybe not) and walking the upper hallways in the Center, should be able to get my steps in today.

I'll figure out by the weekend how I will track it, still looking for a virtual program somewhere (I like to see where I'm going and where I've been, I'm a very "visual" guy, lol!

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2/4/14 2:21 P

I used to have a game on my Nintendo DS that was a hiking game. So long ago that I don't even remember where I "hiked", but it was a lot of fun. Will watch and see where you go.

2/3/14 4:40 P

Hi everyone! I love to hike. I got the idea, for which I know has been done before, to hike the Appalacian Trail.... for now, virtually. Love to get ideas how to do this. I could probably blog it I guess. Would love to have some company. I'm in Connecticut, 53 years old, fairly active (I just got a fitbit one and am addicted to it, lol!) I run a greenhouse program for adults with developemental disabilities, and am on my feet most of the day, then try to go for a hike if I have time late in the afternoon. Just got 6 inches of snow today in CT, so that won't happen today, lol! I've been pacing the living room and basement, running in place, etc. and now headed out to fire up the snowblower to get my steps in!

I have about 85 more lbs. to lose (am at around 270 now), and would love to use this as a motivator. Any ideas?

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