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10/29/13 9:36 A

Thanks. I guess I underestimate the calories burned when hiking.

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10/27/13 9:07 P

A very rough rule of thumb is that you burn about 100 calories per mile walked on level ground, although this may vary with body weight.

This increases to 125-150 per mile walked on rougher terrain, or carrying a small pack.

Carrying a larger pack can increase this even more.

So all of those figures seem feasible, depending on the conditions. From your description of the conditions, 373 in 60 minutes is pretty reasonable. This is on the moderate end of a 60 minute workout.


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10/27/13 5:25 P

Thanks for the reminder about the airplane mode. I have used it before on trails that I haven't hiked before. I forgot to turn it on before I started the trail. I knew the length (distance & time) of the trail because I'd hiked it before.

What you said makes sense. I guess I don't think that anyone could burn that many calories hiking because I enjoy hiking. The steepness of a trail (500 ft in this case) seems a lot easier than doing the same thing on a sidewalk, treadmill, or the elliptical. Again, I guess it's because I enjoy hiking.

Thanks for the input.

Edit: I looked to see what it said for hiking (cross country and carrying less than 10 lbs). The cross country was 373 calories for 60 minutes and 440 for carrying less than 10 lbs for the same amount of time. The 221 calories was for the walking/running under the mileage tracker where you can enter in the time and distance.

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10/27/13 5:18 P

That sounds about right or perhaps a bit low.

I generally track hikes just based on how fast I am walking--spend a lot of time on a treadmill and you get a sense for pace.

Exercise tracking is always just an estimate.

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10/27/13 12:16 A

Actually, I would have said that 221 was a bit low.

Speed is not a major factor in calories burned - total distance covered is the major factor. And anyway, 3 mph on a trail is a pretty good speed.

Hiking on a trail also burns more than a side-walk - the rougher the trail, the more effort it takes to lift your feet over obstacles, keep your body upright and balanced on an uneven trail, etc.

A rough guide is that each vertical foot is about equivalent in effort to 8horizontal feet. So the 500 feet is equivalent to covering 4000 feet horizontally, or an extra 3/4 of a mile.

Also, mapmyrun doesn't need reception. You won't get maps, but the GPS functionality will still work, and track where you have been. (Just make sure you turn the phone onto airplane mode so as to not kill the battery searching for a signal).


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10/26/13 10:40 A

I enjoy hiking and go whenever I have the chance. I went for a hike yesterday. I couldn't track the distance and time on my phone (using MapMyRun) since I was in an area where I didn't get any reception. I have hiked the trail before and know that it is about 3 miles in length and takes me about an hour to complete. The elevation change was about 500 ft. The elevation change would've been 1,000 ft had I done the whole trail, but I made it shorter by taking a connecting trail to make it 3 miles instead of 4.4 miles.

Anyway, I am pretty confident (98% sure) that the trail I took was 3 miles. I entered it as a 3 mile walk in 60 minutes and I'm getting that I burned 221 calories. I think it's a little on the high side. I was able to do the trail in an hour even though I stopped several times. When I hike, I tend to go at a leisurely pace (what is leisurely for me) because I like to look at the plants and look for signs of wildlife (deer, coyote, and bobcat tracks, scat, etc.).

Basically I feel like 221 calories is a bit much. I have hiked the trail enough to know that it takes me an hour (give or take no a few minutes, but an hour is a good estimate due to the elevation change).

What suggestions do you guys have for tracking the hike? As a side note, I had already gone for a bike ride (a little over 4 miles) before going for the hike. I consider it more of a walk instead of a hike. I am tracking the hike under the mileage and not hiking because tracking it as hiking gives me almost double the amount of calories burned and I know that is way off.

Let me know if I need to clarify. Thanks.

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