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5/29/13 6:56 A

I agree with Coach Jen - this is really only a concern if you are creating a very large calorie deficit on a routine basis. Take your hike as a nice bonus, and don't use it as an excuse to undo your hard work.

I disagree with Zorbs - 2500 does sound a little high, even at 284 lbs. A figure of around 150-200 calories per mile is typical when hiking (probably at the upper end for you), which would suggest around 1600 calories.

An alternative check is that it takes a very fit person working extremely hard to burn 800 calories per hour, and figures above this should be viewed with skepticism. And for something sustained for 3 hours would probably only be 600 calories per hour.

So probably a figure of 1500-2000 is more realistic (and that's still pretty darned impressive).


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5/29/13 6:44 A

If you're consistently undereating (for months and months), your metabolism will likely slow down to compensate for it. But this isn't something that happens in one day or one week- it's a much longer process. If this activity is not part of your regular routine, I'd just listen to your body and eat a little more if you feel like you need it. I'd only adjust your program settings if this is a regular activity.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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5/29/13 5:35 A

make sure you change your fitness goals to accurately reflect the amount of exercise you're doing.

2500 at your weight for hiking sounds about right actually.

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5/29/13 3:21 A

So according to sparkpeople, my 8 mile 3 hour cross country hike burned about 2500 calories. I have a hard time believing that, but it's what it says. I don't do that very often (in fact making it to the top of the small mountain I hiked was a serious pride point for me and a bucket list checkmark) but I wanted to know...that's more than spark even recommends I eat in a day. I also hit my fitness goal for the week in one run. My question is how should I adjust my calories for today/tomorrow to compensate so I don't go into starvation mode? I had some healthy snacks and some not so healthy ones, but I've been eating on the bottom rung of my calorie range for the most part. I ate a little closer to the upper limit today, but again the number shock is setting in. Any suggestions guys?

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