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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
6/8/14 6:23 A

I was suggesting fish, not 40/20/40 diet, in case anyone was wondering, which has been done at least a million times by other members without you saying anything Becky. I understand the guidelines, and refrain from suggesting anyone follow a certain diet, although I see how the sentence may look that way.

I was just noting that if you cut carbs, that fat, or protein would go up, and that if she wanted to up fat instead of, or with protein, that fish might be a good choice, since the fat/protein would come together. The ratio is still up to her to determine, but if you cut carbs, you up fat/protein. That is fact, not a suggestion. I won't say that fish is in fact a healthy food, but I am pretty sure it is. If not, please let me know, and the millions of people suggesting it is. Also, if suggesting a food source is not okay, there are many asking for, and receiving replies on what individual foods to eat on a daily basis.

If you cut carbs, and keep protein the same, fat goes up. That is also not a huge revelation, since there are only 3 macros. Maybe you are suggesting that increasing protein is better than increasing fat? Still, if you cut carbs enough, then you will be over-consuming protein, unless you also consume a little extra fat.

When cutting carbs on the " diabetic " diet, you are dropping about 15 %? of the carbs in your diet, which has to be made up by protein/fat. I personally believe fish would be a good choice, and did not mean to suggest any macro ratio to follow, since I assume that the OP has that set by her doctor.

If it is something else I said, let me know so I can correct it. I tend to write a lot, and sometimes convey my thoughts incorrectly. I tend to ramble, and stray from my original thought. Must be from lack of carbs emoticon

Maybe I should have just said.. eat some fish emoticon .. high protein, low fat. Or boneless, skinless chicken/turkey emoticon .

I hope my editing fixed the issue, and I apologize.

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6/7/14 12:01 P

RUSSELL---I respect your right as an adult to eat a diet of your choosing. However, when giving suggestions to other members we ask that you follow guidelines that are based on research evidence and supported by leading organizations such as the American Diabetes Association. This is for the safety of our members.

Because diabetes and metabolic syndrome are so closely connected to an increase in heart disease; the general recommendation for people with diabetes is to follow the guidelines established by their doctor or certified diabetes educator. Usually this is a:
--carb controlled diet where the carbs are providing 45-50% of the calories; and the carbs are distributed into meals and snacks throughout the day. This appears to be the type plan that the original poster is on, assuming that this is based on a calorie level for weight loss.
--heart health guidelines are also used; suggesting that no more than 20-35% of one's calories come from fat---and using healthy sources of fat (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) and keeping saturated fat to no more than 10% of total calories.

Thank you.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
6/7/14 10:22 A

As someone who is diabetic, and has gotten off my meds following low carb, I just have to say that you have 2 sources of fuel for your body.. fat, or carbs. Sounds like you are cutting both, which may leave you feeling exhausted. A low fat, lower carb diet, is going to be high protein. Not sure if that is your goal.

I would suggest eating things like fish, or chicken, which do have a little extra fat, but not too much. Eat the leanest meat you can find, but don't be afraid of fat, or feel the need to replace all the carbs with only protein. You probably have room in your macros for a little more fat too.

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6/7/14 9:03 A

There are many yummy lowfat, high protein food options; especially if you trim the fat, remove the skin, and use low fat cooking techniques. Things like: chicken and turkey, fish and seafood, lean beef, pork loin, ground round, etc.

If you use lowfat milk or yogurt it would also be counted into your carb intake. So would beans and lentils.

Since you have a carb amount for your meals and snacks, I assume your diabetes educator also provided you with a list of foods that contain carbohydrate and the serving size of a portion. This is really the key. Looks like you can easily include 2-3 carbohydrate food servings at each meal.

You can get more ideas on this by using our diabetes center and our diabetes meal plans:

Your SP Registered Dietitian

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/7/14 7:17 A

How low fat do you try to stay?

In addition to the diabetic team - you might want to look at Low carb teams (search in the community button above, Spark teams, type in Low Carb) I think a lot of them have recipes you can look at - or search the web for low carb recipes, etc.

Anyway - here is a list of low carb snacks to give you ideas:

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6/7/14 1:53 A

Have you considered using the meal plans offered by SP? They're really helpful as guidelines when your'e starting out, even if you have to sub out foods for others.

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,210
6/6/14 10:48 P

baked meats and grilled veggies are a great choice also noodles made from veggies to replace pasta might help

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6/6/14 8:41 P

I too am diabetic, I always eat something like scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast or oatmeal and toast with peanut butter. Lunch it just depends turkey sand and fruit or cottage cheese and fruit not real big on lunch and dinner just really depends. I eat a lot of chicken or fish with veggies and fruit. Beans like pinto or lima beans or black eyed peas are filling and great for diabetics. Maybe not what you had in mind but I never feel hungry, I am losing weight at a great rate of speed and I also have great sugar readings. I drink very little other than water but I use regular sugar with coffee and cream. I just keep things reasonably balanced and try to keep calories between 1600-1800 daily. Good luck.

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6/6/14 8:38 P

Do you belong to the Diabetes Diabetes Management Program? Here is a link to the main page:

Also, have you seen a Registered Dietitian. If not, you would be best to ask your Dr for a referral to one so that you get the information that you need as it pertains to YOU. Write down any questions that come to mind and take them with you. That way to don't forget to discuss it fully with the Dietitian.


6/6/14 8:15 P

I'm really having a hard time with high protein, low fat meals. To add to the difficulty I'm diabetic and need to stay within a 30-45 carb limit with my main meals and 15 carbs on my snacks, any suggestions/recipes I should look for?

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