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TULAA3 Posts: 308
12/12/12 7:45 P

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep tweaking.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (82,009)
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12/12/12 4:28 P

If I eat enough protein, my fat is usually at the upper end of my range (70ish grams). But I eat peanut butter and always cook with olive oil, so no surprise there. Do you eat egg whites? I always have a carton of liquid egg whites on hand, but I'll scramble them with an egg to get the vitamins and minerals from the egg yolk. Finding a balance is hard, but you'll get the hang of it!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
12/12/12 4:22 P

if you don't really eat meat, then why don't you edit your nutrition goals [underneath the day on the tracker] so that the plan isn't providing you with meat? there is a vegetarian option as well as a no pork, no red meat, no poultry and no tofu.
i can't swear to it but i am fairly certain the veg plans rely on more foods with a little protein [so it adds up to where you should be] rather than the meat plans [where if you sub, you're replacing one big protein amount with a smaller amount and don't have as many little supplemental bits like the veg plan does].

12/12/12 3:35 P

I usally struggle with not enough fat. I find myself having to add healthy fats to get within range.

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12/12/12 2:43 P

If you make your food trackers public we can take a look at them to give suggestions.

TULAA3 Posts: 308
12/12/12 1:00 P

I've been following the meal plans for about 3 weeks now. I stick to the listed meals about 75% of the time, and the rest of the time I try to make appropriate substitutions or stick within my ranges. What I've found is that when I break from the planned foods, I tend to go over on my fat limit and under on protein. My meals are usually more vegetarian, although I do eat meat.
I reviewed my meal tracking and found some spots I can tweak to change my high fat, low protein problem. However, I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue or if anyone has any advice to help?

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