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2/6/13 1:32 P

I think blood pressure spikes during strength training, but it goes right back down afterwards. That's a natural and healthy part of it which actually makes your blood vessels more elastic (I just read an article about a few weeks ago - might be a new study? or maybe just a recent article). But that's not the same thing as having high blood pressure when you go to the doctor.

Many people have elevated blood pressure in medical settings (white coat syndrome). Have you checked your BP at home?

Most people experience a drop in blood pressure with weight loss and exercise. (Mine went from 145/85 to 117/60 after only three months of working out.) So I would think this would be something you would want to have checked into further.

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2/6/13 12:38 P

I am NOT a doctor, and would strongly advise you to ask your doctor about this. :) They would be best equipped to answer your question.

However, to my knowledge, exercise is linked with *lower* blood pressure. That doesn't mean you can't have high blood pressure while exercising. I would look to the kitchen before the gym for potential causes. Though I exercise a lot, I'm at a high risk for high blood pressure because I regularly get too much sodium in my diet.

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2/6/13 12:37 P

Intense exercise isn't going to cause high BP. It's caused by a variety of factors, some of which you can't control. Here's an article that goes into more detail about it:

Coach Jen

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2/6/13 11:50 A

Hello sparkers!

So, the past few times I've been to the doctor's office, I've had high blood pressure. It came as a real shock to me, because I exercise regularly (often 75-90 minutes per day, 6 days per week.) I also try to eat a heart healthy diet. I perform both cardiovascular endurance and strength exercises. For cardiovascular, I enjoy running outside, reading on an elliptical, or attending group Spin classes. For strength, I tend to do more circuit training style moves. Can intensive exercise be linked to causing a higher blood pressure? Has anyone else experienced this?

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