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8/28/13 8:20 P

I think high school will be fine .. it's a new chapter of your life and I think you make the most friends in high school. At least, that's how everyone I know puts it. I'm homeschooled lol =p

8/27/13 10:24 P

I dislike highschool because every morning you have to get up and try to look your best to impress people who don't deserve to be impressed. Highschool is so judgementle and cruel. My best advise is don't let people make you feel unattractive. Highschoolers want to judge you on every little thing and it so hard to ignore them and thats my biggest problem. Just know your attractive no matter what. Every one has something cute about them find you security and stick to it because I can't stress to you how bad society and expecially highschool wants to rip you apart.

AUSTYN16 Posts: 3
8/20/13 9:38 P

I remember my first day of High school, Which im sure your probably a freshman? well my school High school started for 8th grade but anyways, Dont think high school is like in the movies. If i have to give you one tip, DONT RUN YOUR MOUTH TO UPPERCLASSMEN.. For one they already dont like the underclassman and until you get friends , which if you play your cards right and hang out with some upperclassmen then you will do just fine... On your first day just relax and take it one class period at a time. Well thats enough from me you probably dont want to here me talk no more ha

FLGIRL2012 Posts: 9
8/20/13 5:23 P

Hi guys! I'm starting high school next Monday (Coronado High School, I won't tell you where, but if you go to a Coronado, message me!), and I'm super nervous! I already have my schedule, and I've walked it a couple of times. I have no classes with anyone I know. I'm coming from a private school (and Coronado has six buildings!!). If anyone has any advice, I would love it if you'd reply to this post!! Thanks!

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