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ONEFINEDAY185 Posts: 218
5/15/10 5:09 P

There aren't many no carb options. These are low carb. My food diary is public so feel free to look at it. Here are some ideas I found...

-turkey slices (or another meat) wrapped around a stick of string cheese
-Cheddar or Colby Cheese, Low Fat or Swiss cheese
-Cottage Cheese, 1% Milkfat (you could mix in a small serving of fruit)
-Greek yogurt only has around 6 carbs
-Eggs (maybe you could have cheese on them?)

5/15/10 3:50 P

i actually love plain tuna

DAGNY99 Posts: 1,302
5/15/10 3:34 P know, I am no expert, but I've "read" online that you need some carbs with your protein or your body won't absorb it (the protein)
Is that true, does anyone know? If so...then you should have some carbs with your meal...

CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
5/15/10 3:01 P

Protein shakes. Atkins or other low carb geared ones. EAS and Pure protein (by eat good look great) have only 4g carbs and 2g fiber per serving and pack 23g protein

JCWATL SparkPoints: (43,603)
Fitness Minutes: (43,852)
Posts: 707
5/15/10 2:37 P

My version of deviled eggs: Hard boil, cut in half, remove yolk, fill with hummus.

I just made that up last week and have been enjoying it every day!

5/15/10 9:50 A

Walnuts, Pepperoni Slices, Any low fat lunch meat.

PENNYE42 Posts: 1,204
5/15/10 9:48 A

It may sound odd and like it wouldn't be a good idea, but fried pork rinds. Despite the name, they're not that high in calories or fat, are pretty much pure protein, and zero carbs. And fulfill that crunchy snacking craving.

Another very low carb crunch is celery. It's only 2 carbs for a 12 inch stalk.

Meat, of course, fits the bill, too. Keeping roasted chicken around has always been one of my favorites.

NARNIAROSE2003 SparkPoints: (112,229)
Fitness Minutes: (61,220)
Posts: 3,048
5/15/10 9:22 A

I am struggling with after dinner snacking. Until I get it totally under control, I want some ideas to keep in the house for snacks with HIGH protein, no carbs and no sugar. Any favorite snacks y'all have that fits that criteria?

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